Tropico 6 DLC Spitter released + GuaGua Update

Together with the new Tropico 6 DLC Spitter the new free update “Guagua” was released and Tropico celebrates its 19th birthday

Kalypso Media released the new Tropico 6 DLC “Spitter” on April 24th, in which El Presidente and Penultimo introduce the new state medium “Spitter”. Clearly this is a parody of the short news service “Twitter” and its frequent use of certain presidents for often very strange statements. At the same time the free update “Guagua” was released with some improvements and numerous bugfixes for all Tropico 6 players.

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New Tropcio 6 DLC - Tropico 6 Spitter DLC released - Patch Notes Update Guagua
New Tropico 6 DLC – Tropico 6 Spitter DLC released – Patch Notes Update Guagua

In the following all information about the Tropico 6 Spitter DLC, the GuaGua Update and what Kalypso has in store for you to celebrate the 19th Tropico birthday.

The Tropico 6 Spitter DLC

Governing in 280 characters: That’s the way to do it!

With the Tropico 6 DLC Spitter, publisher Kalypso Media and the developers of Limbic Entertainment release the second expansion for the popular build-up game Tropico 6, this DLC is all about the short news service Twitter oh no, Spitter, with which El Presidente can bring important messages, fake news (oh no, corrected truths) and his good contacts to stars and starlets among the people.

Missclicking for true dictators and friends of the people, and you don’t need facial tanning cream for it and no orange hair.

With a new mission, three new buildings, and some more new content, Tropico 6 fans get new food here for playing on the fictional Caribbean islands.

Strategy publisher Kalypso Media today launched Tropico 6‘s second DLC, ‘Spitter‘, with the US PlayStation®Store version to follow a day later on April 24th. Continuing the series’ penchant for dark humor and city building, Spitter DLC sees Tropico leader El Prez pursuing online infamy in the ever-changing world of social media.

Spitter DLC adds a new fame feature to Tropico 6. Using Spitter, the only social media app approved for use in Tropico, players can make a name for themselves through interactions with faction leaders, courtships with influencers, and connections with celebrities. They can also build new attractions such as the Rehab Centre and Beauty Farm to ensure that citizens and visitors have everything that they need right at their doorstep.

Title: Tropico 6 – Spitter DLC
Platforms: Windows PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4, Xbox One
Genre: City Builder
Release: Out now for Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 (24/04/2020 for US)
Hashtag: #Tropico6 #SpitterDLC

About the “Spitter” Tropico 6 DLC:
Fame and prestige are the new currency – nobody knows this better than El Presidente, self-proclaimed despot … oh … glamorous statesman that he is! Let the second Tropico 6 DLC carry you off into the world of the rich and beautiful. Thanks to the short news service “Spitter”, officially approved by the Tropican Ministry of Modern Communications and Smoke Signals, you can now interact with the superstars in a public way. Solicit their support, develop their individual strengths, and in return receive more respect and esteem from your subjects. But beware, fame and money can easily go to your head and bring shady characters to the scene!

The new Spitter game mechanics allow you to publicly interact with the profiles of celebrities and faction leaders, thereby increasing your own standing in the population. But beware – this can also be to your disadvantage.

Use new buildings such as the rehab center or the beauty farm to offer something to the (wellness) addicted stars and make them new citizens of Tropico, so that you will find more food for your newly awakened social media passion. Furthermore, 3 new songs, a new sandbox card, and more customization options for El Prez and its palace are waiting for you.

Spitter social media feature: interact with superstars and faction leaders via a social app to increase your standing and unlock new traits for celebrities
New mission and sandbox map
3 new buildings: lure celebrities to Tropico by building a Rehab Center or Beauty Farm, or assist in their decision to become permanent residents using the Super Villa
3 new audio tracks including: ‘Comercio Feliz’, ‘La Celebridad’ and ‘Fiesta en el Club’
5 additional customization options for El Prez and his palace

Tropico 6 DLC Spitter Trailer Video

Tropico 6 - Spitter DLC Trailer (UK)

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Tropico 6 Update “Guagua” Patch Notes


  • [PC] Multiplayer cross play enabled for GOG.
    • GOG players can now play with Steam and Origin players and vice-versa.
    • GOG MacOS support for cross play will follow with the next update
  • Game now remembers last used monitor in a multi-monitor setup

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Tropicans could get stuck at bus stops due to bus driver also waiting for bus
  • Fixed issue where buses could get stuck if bus stops were demolished
  • Fixed issue where the Security Checkpoint in work mode ‘Road Toll’ would not generate money when ‘Privacy Rights’ Constitution option was active
  • Fixed issue where change of era did not stop invasion from Superpowers
  • Fixed issue where global happiness modifiers where not shown if the different effects had no impact
  • Fixed issue where Conservatives Ultimatum triggered an election even when Martial Law edict was active
  • Fixed Industrialist Ultimatum so it now affects pollution as described
  • Fixed issue where demolished buildings still showed in the Almanac
  • Fixed issue where demolishing a building under protest could lead to stuck Tropicans
  • Fixed issue where protests would not end even after the military solution was enacted
  • Fixed issue where tasks triggered by the ‘Audience’ edict would not show in task tracker
  • Fixed issue where edict ‘Light Bulb Ban’ did not affect all residential buildings
  • Fixed happiness for Caribbean Trade Pact Association so that it decreases over time as intended
  • Fixed issue where Tour Office work modes did not affect the efficiency correctly
  • Fixed issue where Tropicans could be detained in prisons without an available worker slot
  • Fixed issue where Tropicans refused to work as coconut harvesters
  • Fixed issue where Broker candidates in a Ministry would continue to generate Swiss money even after demolishing the Ministry
  • Fixed issue where all tourists had the same name in ‘Ball Game’
  • Fixed issue where raids could not be completed due to all agents being killed in action
  • Fixed issue where Tropicans could marry themselves
  • Fixed issue where, after loading a saved game, Shopping Mall had multiple instances of the same goods
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Relative Happiness’ modifier in Agent menu always displayed ‘0’
  • Fixed issue where tunnels could get stuck in ‘repair’ state
  • Fixed issue where tunnel construction costs were not refunded even if construction was cancelled
  • Fixed issue where, in Bureaucracy, any in-progress bridge would show as a street sitting atop water
  • Fixed minor glitches that occurred when placing roads
  • Fixed misleading description for the Eifel Tower
  • [Mac] Specific key-bindings for MacOS are now shown correctly during tutorial and in the key-binding options menu
  • Fixed multiple crashes
  • Fixed several graphical glitches
  • Fixed several text issues


  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issues where ‘diplomatic relations’ status would display differently for players and host
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where freighter arrival time would display as ‘0 days’
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where diplomatic interactions would not appear for players
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where ‘Tourist only’ buildings would not work for players
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where ‘Smear Campaign’ effect wasn’t visible in Almanac
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where landmarks could be delivered twice
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where El Presidente image on ‘Inspiring Billboard’ was missing for players
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where drought icon and notification were not showing for players

Llama of Wallstreet DLC

  • Added warning message to all saved games in which new DLC content is unavailable
  • Fixed issue where Toy Workshop upgrade ‘Set A Sign’ increased pollution instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed issue where effects of economic event ‘Caribbean Hype’ didn’t match the description text
  • Fixed issue where, during the economic event ‘Singularity’, workers could be hired using a locked worker slot.

Tropico celebrates its 19th birthday

Tropico 1 came out 19 years ago. The brand Tropico is, therefore, a continuously exciting phenomenon in the field of business simulations, politics games, and construction games. The ironic-sarcastic presentation and the high level of detail and the exact simulation of states, from small economic contexts to world politics, finds more and more fans.

Publisher Kalypso Media is celebrating this birthday with a special sale across its entire product range, so maybe this is worth a look for you. The offers are valid from 24.04 to 03.05, and if these offers should have expired, you can still look at my partner site Gamesplanet as an alternative.

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