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A Long Way Down Review (Game) turn-based Strategy Dungeon with Cards

A Long Way Down Game Review / Test – Turn-based Strategy Dungeon with Cards

A Long Way Down is a mix of a dungeon crawler and a deck-building card game, with a little board game and roguelike elements and a lot of round strategy. If this sounds interesting to you, then you’ve come to the right place. If you didn’t understand the terms, I’ll explain them in more detail in a moment.

Cyberpunk 2077 Release date and how amazing will it be ? 1 0

Cyberpunk 2077 Release date and how amazing will it be ?

Everything I know so far about the upcoming action roleplaying game hit Cyberpunk 2077, information and details about the Cyberpunk 2077 release date and the different versions, where you can pre-order it and what else you should know about CD Project RED’s new Cyberpunk roleplaying game.

Commandos 2 HD Remastered Beta released 0

Commandos 2 HD Remastered BETA released

HD Remastered version of the classic 2001 Commandos 2 – Men of Courage

Recently the Commandos 2 – HD Remastered BETA was launched. Publisher Kalypso Media presents with this revised version of the real time strategy 2nd World War classic Commandos 2 – Men of Courage from 2001 a new edition, which should be adapted to modern systems.

Tropico 6 DLC Review The Llama of Wall Street 0

Tropico 6 DLC Review – The Llama of Wall Street

In this article I show you all the info and details about the new Tropico 6 DLC called The Llama of Wall Street and some innovations for the popular economic strategy game around a Caribbean island dictatorship and the famous dictator El Presidente and his assistant Penultimo.

Tropico 6 DLC released The Llama of Wall Street 0

Tropico 6 DLC The Llama of Wall Street released

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment surprisingly released the first Tropico 6 DLC “The Llama of Wall Street” in early December. Furthermore, there was also a big update for all Tropico 6 players with numerous bugfixes, the new building Warehouse and a new sandbox map called “Rio”. The exact patch notes for the DLC and the free update 7 can be found here.

Tropico Mobile Review - Tropico to go - Tropico Mobile Game 0

Tropico Mobile Test – Review

Tropico Mobile Test – One Tropico 3 to go please… – Review – The Tropico Game App for iOS and Android

The Tropico Mobile Test – The Tropico Mobile Game App for Android and iOS in Review (German/English, Video with many subtitles). Feral Interactive has converted Tropico 3 for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad. In this video we watch the app, I introduce the game and tell you something about my opinion.

Age of Empires 4 Announce Trailer AOE 4 angekündigt 0

Age of Empires 4 Announcement – Trailer

Auf der X019 Konferenz in London wurde nun ein neuer Trailer für Age of Empires IV angekündigt. Nachdem erstmals auf der Gamescom 2017 von diesem Spiel gesprochen wurde, zeigt Microsoft nun erstmals Gameplay des Spiels. Ein Release Termin ist allerdings bisher noch nicht genannt worden.

Transport Fever 2 Release 0

Transport Fever 2 Release Date announced

After Train Fever and Transport Fever, fans of the Urban Games games are now waiting for the Transport Fever 2 release. The game will feature more than 170 years of transportation history when the game will appear on the official release date for PC just released by Publisher Good Shepherd Games on Steam and for Linux.

Little Big Workshop Tipps und Tricks 0

Little Big Workshop Tips and Tricks

Das spannende Wirtschafts-Strategie Spiel Little Big Workshop sieht niedlich und simpel aus. Es ist aber eigentlich sehr komplex und gar nicht so einfach zu meistern. Vielleicht helfen Dir einige meiner Tipps, besser im Spiel zurecht zu kommen. Einige der Tipps und Tricks sind für Einsteiger, manche eher für Fortgeschrittene. Ich hoffe, es ist auch etwas für Dich dabei.