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Guides und Tutorials zu verschiedenen Spielen. Ich sammle die besten Tipps und Tricks, Anleitungen, Guides und Tutorials. Alles aufbereitet für dich in möglichst kompakter Form.

Little Big Workshop Tipps und Tricks

Little Big Workshop Tips and Tricks

Das spannende Wirtschafts-Strategie Spiel Little Big Workshop sieht niedlich und simpel aus. Es ist aber eigentlich sehr komplex und gar nicht so einfach zu meistern. Vielleicht helfen Dir einige meiner Tipps, besser im Spiel zurecht zu kommen. Einige der Tipps und Tricks sind für Einsteiger, manche eher für Fortgeschrittene. Ich hoffe, es ist auch etwas für Dich dabei.

Borderlands Shift Codes und das VIP Programm - FAQ - ClapTrap Borderlands 3

Borderlands Shift Codes and the VIP Program – FAQ

In this article you will learn all about the different Borderlands Shift Codes, VIP Codes, Vault Codes, Creator Codes for golden keys, Skins and other giveaways around Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and soon also Borderlands 3. And of course at the end of the article you will always find the latest codes here at

Tropico 6 Hilfe Tipps und Tricks Für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene Teil 3 Deutsch German

Tropico 6 Help – Tips and Tricks – Part 3

In this Tropico Help episode I introduce you to more Tropico 6 tips & tricks. This is the 3rd part of this series, I recommend to enjoy the other parts as well. This time it’s about secret services; about trade routes, Tropico 6 without elections; TAO; filthy rich tourists & more. Many important details & features explained in detail in this guide / tutorial. Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners and advanced.

Tropico 6 Tipps Und Tricks Deutsch für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene Episode 2 German

Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks (English) Episode 2

More than 9 Tropico 6 tips and tricks (German / German) for beginners and advanced. This Tropico 6 Tips Episode 2 is all about multi-plantation, tunneling, ending espionage, road links, control over the export of goods, the broker, the building lists and the tourism rating., Many important details & features explained in this guide / Tutorial. Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners and advanced.

Anno 1800 Deutsch Tipps Und Tricks First Person Modus Secret Easteregg

Anno 1800 First Person Mode – Secret Easter Egg

An Anno 1800 tips and tricks post, with a small but subtle Secret Easteregg, the Anno 1800 First Person Mode (first-person perspective). Anno 1800 has never been as beautiful as it looks when you can walk through the streets as a citizen. I’ll tell you how it works.

Tropico 6 Tipps Und Tricks (Deutsch) für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene [German]

Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks English

More than 13 Tropico 6 tips and tricks (German & English) for beginners and possibly also for advanced users can be found in this article. Information on how to make a stable start, about diplomacy, politics and trade with the superpowers, bus traffic, trade routes, many important details & features explained in this guide / tutorial. Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners and advanced.

Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator

Zap zockt Fallout 76 / F76 Guide – The Fallout 76 blueprint fusion generator is often sought after, but a power plant needs to be repaired. This guide explains everything about the power plants, what events you have to do to get the blueprint and how they work. Fallout 76 Tips and Tricks by Zap Zockt.

All information about the fusion generator, the big generator and the windmill. The power plant repair events explained in detail.

Two Point Hospital Tips and Tricks

I’m showing Two Point Hospital tips and tricks (English and German) on the following topics, among others: Non-english voice output, catching mono beasts, optimising queues, catching ghosts by hand, further training needed, multiple staff rooms, running optimisation for patients and all kinds of tips for room design.

Fallout 76 Guide Excavator Power Armor Quest

In this Fallout 76 Guide I explain the Miner Miracles Quest to you. For this quest you get the construction plans for the excavator Powerarmor as well as the construction plan for the Power Armor Station. I’ll also give you some hints, e.g. what amount of material you need and how to get the necessary materials without much stress.