Tropico 6 Help – Tips and Tricks – Part 3

Tropico 6 Help – Tips and Tricks – For Beginners and Advanced – Part 3

In this Tropico Help episode, I introduce you to more Tropico 6 tips & tricks. This is the 3rd part of this series, I recommend enjoying the other parts as well. This time it’s about secret services; about trade routes, T6 without elections; TAO index in Tropicoland; filthy rich tourists & earning more money, and much more. Many important details & features are explained in detail in this guide/tutorial. Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners and advanced.

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Tropico 6 Help – Intro

Tropico 6 Tips & Tricks, Guides & Help
Tropico 6 Tips & Tricks, Guides & Help

Moin Moin, here’s the Zap. In this episode, I give you some Tropico 6 help again and introduce you to more Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners, beginners, and advanced players. This is already the 3rd part of this Tropico 6 Guide series. I recommend to also enjoy the previous parts, so you will get some solutions for problems with Tropico 6.

Overview: All Tropico 6 Tips & Tricks, Guides & Help

This episode is about the effective use of secret services; a bug in trade routes to watch out for; help to get through El Presidente Life without elections; the TAO rating in the Tropicoland mission, what to do to get more rich and stinking tourists to the island; and much more.

Then I’ll get right on it with tip one:

 How to raise the TAO index in mission Tropicoland
How to raise the TAO index in mission Tropicoland

How to raise the TAO index in mission Tropicoland

A quite common problem for the mission Tropicoland is the raise of the TAO index.

First of all, you have to know that the TAO Index (or TAO indicator) and the Tourist Index are directly related. If the tourist index drops, the TAO value goes down again. So you have to pay attention to the tourist index, so as little pollution as possible, good offers for tourists, lots of fun and entertainment, regulations such as legalization, good old times, cultural diversity help here also to get the index up.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to special missions that give extra TAO points, these usually have a gray exclamation mark as a symbol. These you should fulfill with high priority.

Tropico 6 Guide -  rich and filthy rich tourists
Tropico 6 Guide – rich and filthy rich tourists

If you consider these two points, the OHA rating in Tropicoland should go up quickly and the successful completion of the mission should not be so difficult anymore.

rich and filthy rich tourists

Some missions require a certain amount of rich tourists or even filthy rich tourists. In order to get them to the island, one first needs a tourist port that is set to the setting “luxury liner” for rich tourists. And then one needs an airport with the setting “luxury plane” for filthy rich tourists.

Of course, the luxury spoiled holiday-makers would like also appropriate offers, luxury hotels or skyscraper hotels for overnight accommodation first of all. There it helps to create special offers, like a golf club with attitude club membership necessarily or a yacht port.

Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks -  Era change and progression
Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks – Era change and progression

Tropico 6 Guide: Era change and progression

Since you are often asked what you have to do to change the era, here is some short information that should help you with progressing the era.

Basically, in missions, the changes of the eras are almost always bound to a certain task. This task is then actually always gold and as the highest on the task list to find.

If you want to change the age urgently, but the mission is not there yet, then take care of the other golden tasks with priority first. The task that has the reward of being able to change the age will surely still come. The golden missions are connected one by one and you almost always have to complete them one by one.

How to Declare independence and reach the age of world wars

Tropico 6 Help -  Declare independence and reach the age of world wars
Tropico 6 Help – Declare independence and reach the age of world wars

Especially the first age change is somewhat more complicated. In order to declare independence and thus reach the second age of world wars, a certain proportion of revolutionaries in the population and also a minimum of agreement with them are needed.

It is also important to keep an eye on the mandated time, more about this in the first part of the Tropico 6 tips and tricks series.

In order to get more revolutionaries, you can fulfill certain orders placed by the revolutionary leader Sofia Ortega. These usually give 10 revolutionaries as a possible reward. With these orders, there is also “Revolutionary demand” at the top, so that you can recognize them easily.

So simply fulfill several of these “revolutionary demand” orders and each time select the new 10 revolutionaries as a reward. And by the completion of the tasks themselves, their approval automatically increases.

If this is considered, it should soon no longer be a problem to proclaim revolution and declare independence. And with that, you also fulfill the prerequisite for progress towards the age of world wars.

Tropico 6 Guide -  Secret services and raids
Tropico 6 Guide – Secret services and raids

Secret services and raids

Secret services offer the possibility to start raids. There are a total of 4 different secret services, all of which can be set up 1 time each, except for certain missions where this rule is sometimes lifted. Depending on the age you have only some or all of them to choose from.

I recommend as soon as possible to build all that one has available after the age. And then you should always feed them parallel with raids. The robbery page also has a kind of waiting list, so that you can queue several jobs, you can also put a certain robbery in a continuous loop for a service.

But if you place more than one order per building, you have to make sure that all buildings are ready for operation. If, for example, one building lacks electricity and therefore does not work, it can block the orders of the others. And then all the raids come to a standstill until the problem is solved.

I’d rather handle this in such a way that I only place one order per building and check the overview more often to see whether all the services are still busy. If a slot is free, the menu button at the bottom should also get an exclamation mark, so that one is made aware of it.

My favorite constellation for the 4 services is that I start a booty mission at Pirate’s Cove, mostly with gold, but depending on the location also other goods. Command and espionage academies are assigned as often as possible with a treasure hunt. Here you can get blueprints for free, which can be worth several thousand or possibly the main price of 10,000 Tropico dollars. In the center for cyber operations I usually switch between market manipulation, treasure hunting and if I have a lot of tourism, sometimes a fantasy rating is added to embellish the tourist index a bit.

Of course, stealing the up to four possible wonders of the world is also an enormous possibility. Every Secret Service can unlock a wonder of the world here. Here I always make sure that I take wonders of the world, which improve the fun, this brings in my opinion the most for the people as well as the tourists. My favorite wonders of the world are the Maoi statues, the Sphinx, and Neuschwanstein Castle. Depending on the mission, it can also be good that other wonders of the world make more sense to reach the mission goal faster.

Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks -  Monitoring trade routes on getting stuck
Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks – Monitoring trade routes on getting stuck

Monitoring trade routes on getting stuck

The following is necessary due to a bug in Tropico 6. It would be nice if this would be fixed soon, but so far the DEVs haven’t succeeded.

Unfortunately, it still happens that trade routes seem to be stuck. This can be recognized by the fact that sometimes after many months still 0 goods are indicated on the trade contract.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough production for these goods, but if you see in the port that exactly these goods are exported, but the trade contract still doesn’t progress, then something is wrong.

This is probably a bug that seems to be caused by loading a game save. So if a trade order is not fulfilled for hundreds of months, whether because of a bug or because the goods are not sufficient, you should accept the few minus points in the reputation with the nation and cancel the contract before it permanently blocks an important trade slot.

How to Win elections in Tropico 6

Tropico 6 Guide - Tipps und Tricks Für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene - Episode 3 [Deutsch-German] 07 Wahlen gewinnen in Tropico 6
Tropico 6 Guide – Win elections in Tropico 6 – Getting elected

Elections normally take place every 10 years in Tropico 6. There are exceptions, such as when you apply the “Early Elections” regulation yourself, or when a faction is so dissatisfied that it sets an ultimatum, and you do not comply with that ultimatum. For some ultimatum tasks, new elections with shortened preparation can have a negative effect on non-compliance.

When you have a choice, Penultimo will notify you with 3 options. You can make an election speech or choose not to make a speech, or you can simply cancel the election.

Canceling the election would be the end of democracy, so to speak, more about this in the next tip “Tropico 6 without Elections / Ban Elections”.

Not making a speech is not really a good idea. That’s why you should make an election speech. Here you have 4 selection areas.

Point 1 in the election speech is the recognition of a problem. Here, I simply always choose the problem that has the lowest score. So this is the problem that affects most of the inhabitants and this is the most effective way to win votes for the elections.

Point 2 is the praise of a political group. Here, I always choose the group with the lowest value. These are perhaps the easiest to convince, while voters who are already more or less satisfied will not be much more satisfied if they address them directly. If you know what the proportion of the population made up by the political groups is, it might also make sense to address the largest group in order to win votes.

At point 3, you can accuse a superpower of being to blame for the problems on Tropico. This gives some agreement with the voters, but in any case also negative points with the corresponding faction. If you are not particularly tied to a faction, for example by a certain mission, you should choose the superpower with which you are best friends, because the lost points are the least bad. Make sure, however, that you do not fall below 70 points, if possible, then rather refrain from blaming altogether and select “None”.

Point 4 is the “promise of improvement”. Here you can also select a range of needs and promise to improve them. However, this option is not available if you promised to improve something in the last election and did not keep it. If you have a need, which is quite low, for example below 40, you can easily promise to improve it.

It is usually sufficient to build 2-3 buildings of the type and the requirement is fulfilled. If all needs are already at 60 or higher, you should consider whether you want to promise improvements, because then increases are very difficult to achieve. In this case, you should rather select “nothing”.

The speech will then influence part of the population. On the left, you will see who will vote for you (thumbs up), who will vote for your competitor (thumbs down), and who is still undecided (thumbs to the side).

There are still many ways to intervene in the election. First of all, there are edicts that give something to a section of the population or cost them savings. Of course, this is only possible if you have enough money in your treasury. Here tax relief, bread for the people, prescribed Siesta, and free-living offer themselves. If one can afford these, a valuation jumps fast times from 20% agreement to over 50%.

Also, higher wages can logically increase satisfaction, or if one tries to improve the worst needs. However, this often takes too long for the 24-month election preparation period. A combination of these points should in most cases lead to a successful election. If necessary, you can make sure that something is tricked during the counting. This brings another 10% more approval but causes more dissatisfaction.

If everything goes wrong, you can then take the last resort and avoid or ban the elections:

Tropico 6 without elections / avoid or ban elections

Tropico 6 Guide - Tipps und Tricks Für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene - Episode 3 [Deutsch-German] 08 Tropico 6 ohne Wahlen und Wahlen verbieten
Tropico 6 Guide – Tropico 6 without elections / avoid or ban elections

Now a more complex topic, how to play Tropico 6 without elections and how to ban elections in Tropico 6.

The elections are an important point in Tropico 6, and this can quickly become a disaster. Unfortunately, often the satisfaction of the population is not sufficient and one does not have the money and the possibilities to always satisfy all inhabitants. Especially in some scenarios, it becomes very difficult to keep satisfaction with freedom, housing, and all other needs high enough. Then it might be a good idea to switch to a military dictatorship and simply have elections banned completely.

But what do you have to consider for a military dictatorship? What are the tips for keeping them stable and not being thrown out of the palace by the rebels?

First of all, you research the martial law ordinance as early as possible. Martial law is very important to prevent elections. You can issue this ordinance whenever an election threatens to fail in the foreseeable future. You can also cancel an election if you can see beforehand that it will be unsuccessful, then you do not need martial law. But if an election is already in progress and threatens to fail, declaring martial law is the only option to get out of the matter without being dismissed.

Martial law interrupts the current election and for the next 10 years, there will be peace as far as possible. You can then actually break off martial law as soon as possible because the only important thing at first is that the election was canceled. This will only cause further dissatisfaction for a short time if you would leave the martial law on permanently, the dissatisfaction will increase even more with time.

However, before you suppress the elections, you should strongly secure the palace. Because the rebels, who will surely be there much more often, will especially like to attack the palace. Depending on your financial situation, I recommend building 2-3 barracks in the immediate vicinity of the palace and a few protective towers. In the palace, you can also extend the improvement “More guards”, so that more soldiers are stationed there. If the cash allows it, I would also unlock the improvements in the barracks, so that the troops become stronger and can move faster.

You have to reckon with more rebel attacks, which usually end in fires and damaged buildings. So you need additional fire brigades and possibly 1-2 more construction offices to get the repairs done faster.

A very important point from now on is the “ultimatum” orders, marked with a red speech bubble, which will appear more often with further dictatorship. Because with some ultimatum missions, the consequence of failure is that a quick election would be scheduled, this happens particularly frequently when the ultimatum comes from the conservative faction.

To counteract this, I recommend buying “Stage a distraction” from the broker if possible, if available. You can also accumulate this option several times. And if you get an ultimatum that you certainly can’t fulfill within the required time, you use this distraction to end the ultimatum without having to fulfill the required task.

There are many other ways to deal with rebels, especially, many of them are contained in the military buildings. But once you have built up a certain number of troops and positioned watchtowers, the situation will be very defused.

With these arrangements, a military dictatorship should be able to stay in power successfully, and we can play our little empire in Tropico 6 without elections.

Tropico 6 Guide - Tipps und Tricks Für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene - Episode 3 [Deutsch-German] 09 Tropico 6 Geld verdienen durch Diplomatie
Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks – Earning more money through diplomacy

Tropico 6 Tips: Earning more money through diplomacy

Diplomacy in Tropico is an enormously powerful and important tool, and especially for earning more money.

First of all, all trade prices in trade contracts depend on how well you stand with a superpower. So the better the friendship, the higher the payments for the trade contracts. With neutral relationships, the price premiums are 0% or 5%, and with really good relationships they rise to 20%, with a few extras even to 30% or higher. On top of that, this can also strengthen itself, because the more you work with trade contracts, the more satisfied the superpowers become and then the prices for the trade goods continue to rise.

But not only trade is a source of money for more income in Tropico 6. If you build an embassy for each superpower and bring relations to a good level, you can go to any faction that has a friendship of 71 points or more every 60 months and ask for financial support.

And this financial support is usually not so small, depending on friendship and the number of embassies you can get 10 to 20,000 dollars, in exceptional cases even more. If you then have 5 embassies in modern times and have brought all superpowers to a good level, this is a nice additional income of about 50,000 every 5 years.

So, there were again some Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners and advanced. I hope there was something interesting for you. If you don’t know Episode 1 and 2 yet, here’s the overview with all episodes again:

Overview: All Tropico 6 Tips & Tricks, Guides & Help

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