Desperados 3 – Release Date, Trailer and Info

Desperados 3 - Release date - trailer - info - Titel

Desperados 3 – Release date, trailer and info

The Wild West tactics and strategy stealth game Desperados will have a new successor in 2020. Now another character, Doc McCoy, was introduced. All known information about the western strategy game Desperados 3 can be found here.

Half life free to play – Play the complete Half Life series for free

half life free event valve advertising half life for upcoming half life alyx release

Valve announces that all games in the Half Life series are free to play until the Half Life Alys release in March

In this article you will get directly all links to download all parts of Half Life for free.

Developer Valve has switched the whole Half Life series to free in the Steam Shop. This is of course a promotion for the soon to be released Half Life Alyx, which is announced for March. An exact Half Life Alyx release date is not yet known.

YouTube COPPA – YouTube changes 2020 by COPPA

YouTube COPPA - Youtube Änderungen 2020 durch COPPA

YouTube was sued by the FTC and was fined 170 million for collecting data from children and showing targeted advertising on children’s content. To continue showing children content in the future and avoid even greater fines, YouTube COPPA must comply more seriously with its rules and regulations, and this applies to all YouTube channels, all over the world and possibly every YouTube viewer.

Little Big Workshop Review / Test

Little Big Workshop Review

Little Big Workshop Review – Test of the Hardcore Business Simulation in Cute – Little Big Workshop is a solid and complex economic simulation in which you build your own production factory. The gameplay and graphics look cute, but you shouldn’t be deceived. Everything worth knowing about the game, an exact analysis, and evaluation you get in the following.

YouTube Strategy: One YouTube channel multiple topics?

ein youtube kanal mehrere themen - youtube niche suchen

Multiple themes on one YouTube channel or would you rather open multiple channels?

Is it possible and advisable to have several themes on one YouTube channel, or would it be better to concentrate on one theme and focus on a niche?

Buy Steam Keys cheap and legal

Steam Keys günstig kaufen - Buy steam keys cheap - Game keys Spiele Keys - Gamesplanet

On this page, I will always point out the latest Gamesplanet offers, so here you can buy Steam Keys cheap and legally (and other game keys too). Everybody wants to buy his games cheaper, and legally, that’s possible at Gamesplanet. And so that you don’t miss any special offers in the games area for legal Steam Keys, here are the current opportunities to buy games cheaply. There are mostly Steam Key offers, sometimes also Ubisoft Uplay discounts or Epicstore offers, so it is about more than just Steam keys, it is about buying game keys cheap in general.

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