Disciples Liberation – Kalypso announces successor to the hit series

Disciples Liberation, a successor to the well-known single-player role-playing game series is announced

Disciples Liberation - Info Collection
News, Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay Screenshots, all info
Disciples Liberation – Info Collection
News, Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay Screenshots, all info

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer studio Frima present their new role-playing game project Disciples Liberation with a render trailer and describe some details about the new part of the long-running hit series. In this article, I will collect all information about Disciples Liberation, all trailers, gameplay, game features, release dates, and what else there will be. This article will be constantly updated when there are new news and information about Disciples Liberation.

German Version:

Disciples Liberation – Strategic Role-Playing Game – The Revival of an Old Legend

The Disciples series is more than 20 years old and offered a deep and very complex world and background story. A total of three parts and numerous AddOns were released (see below) and these games had a certain fanbase. With Disciples Liberation, Kalypso in collaboration with Frima from Canada now announces a revival of this tradition series.

The Disciples Relaunch should bring this series to new horizons, as a fan of the predecessors I am very excited about it and will follow the development. And everything I can find about it, I will share with you here on this page.

Disciples Liberation Gameplay Features

Frima Studios has already released a list in which they roughly outlined what gameplay we can expect in Disciples Liberation. Here now the so far known gameplay features in detail:

  • Single-player campaign with approximately 80 hours of gameplay
    The single-player campaign planned for the game should offer more than 270 quests in three acts and offer five different endings, so do not run too linear.
  • A world is torn apart by war
    Nevendaar is at war, the competing factions fight for supremacy in the regions. As players, we travel through icy tundra, lush forests, or volcanic plains. The announcement speaks of four regions here but then lists only three. Let’s be surprised what kind the last area will be.
  • Strongly customizable story
    We have the choice of four character classes and can choose companions from four factions, which then have an impact on the course of our story. Confirmed so far are the ancient elven clans and the undead horde, with a high probability that the people of the Empire will be there. Each faction pursues its own goals and how we assemble our group will have an impact on our travels through this selection.
  • Build your own city
    In the course of the story, we get more and more influence to expand our city. Through quests we get resources and through joint use of diplomacy and politics, we can shape our refuge and develop it into a new home.
  • Combat and Allies
    We can build an army, which we can recruit from a total of more than 50 different units. In turn-based tactical battles, we fight for life and death with our opponents. Only the use of our steely weapons and strong magic will bring us victory
  • Enemies and bosses
    We need the right strategy to defeat the many enemies, monsters and beasts, and their bosses.
  • Influence the fate of the world
    The outcome of the war around our home Nevendaar is in our hands and all the decisions we make will have an impact on this world and also shape our own destiny.
  • Disciples Liberation Multiplayer
    There will also be a multiplayer mode, in that we will be able to compete in 1vs1 skirmishes against our friends and enemies.

Disciples Liberation Trailer – Announcement Trailer

Disciples: Liberation Announcement Trailer (UK)

Disciples Liberation Release Date

So far there is no exact release date for Disciples Liberation. Publisher Kalypso states that they are targeting the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021 as the release date. More detailed information is expected in summer or fall 2021, as soon as it is available, I will update it here.

Disciples Liberation – Alpha Test

Kalypso is launching a small internal alpha test, inviting players to apply via a form. This form can be found on the Disciples Liberation website, and there you can sign up for the appropriate newsletter if you want to know more, or fill out your application for the Disciples Liberation Alpha Test right away.

Disciples Liberation Gameplay Screenshots

Click or tap on the image for a larger view.
In the enlarged view, you can scroll right and left on the edges

The Disciples Series – What is Disciples? – All predecessors listed

Disciples Sacred Land (1999)

With Disciples: Sacred Land the first part of the series was released in 1999. A turn-based fantasy strategy game with strong role-playing elements that did some things differently than many other RPGs. The world Nevandaar was introduced, also known as “Sacred Land”. The story revolves mainly around the king and the gods of this world. You could play a total of four different races or factions in the campaign, the “Legions of the Damned”, the “Mountain Clans”, the “Undead Hordes” and also “The Empire”

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy (2002)

That was followed in 2002 by Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy, a sequel but again classified more as a turn-based fantasy strategy game. It offered a single player campaign but also multiplayer. You could choose between three factions in the main game, here again “The Empire”, the “Legions of the Damned” and the “Elven Alliance” are playable. In the period from 2003 to 2005 then followed some addons:

  • Servants of the Dark (2003)
  • Guardians of the Light (2003)
  • Rise of the Elves (2003)
  • Gallean’s Return (2005)
  • and finally a Gold Edition (2005).

Disciples III: Renaissance (2010)

The last version released so far was then Disciples 3 Renaissance 2010. It was developed by the Russian studio .dat. It was classified more as a strategic role-playing game and on the feature list are three factions The Empire, Elven Alliance and Legions of the Damned. Each race offers its own single-player campaign.

An expansion was planned and also released in Russia. Unfortunately, “Disciples 3: Ressurection of Mortis” was never translated into languages other than Russian.

Disciples Liberation Website

Disciples Wiki (enormous amount of information on the games, factions, history and lore)

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