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Today I have reached a very big milestone that I have been working on for months. My website has been accepted as a Google News Publisher. So if you are a Google News user and are interested in gaming news and game reviews, feel free to follow me there: ab jetzt auf google news verfuegbar now available on google news

This should theoretically increase the interest in the site and its discoverability. I think this could also help with the ranking of articles in the Google search in general. At least that is my great hope. If I have understood the technology of Google News correctly, some YouTube videos by me should also appear in the news feed from time to time. should now appear in the categories Games and Gaming News (and maybe some others), if you have already found your way to this website via Google News, please leave me a little message in the comment box below (no registration required).

This should also increase the reach of my articles and reviews in the future and I hope that my partners in the PR agencies and in the many gaming developer studios will have more reach in the end. If you were doubtful about whether a cooperation with me could be worthwhile, maybe this is the moment for you to get started.

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My thanks also go to all readers, viewers on YouTube and all helpers, supporters and media teachers who have helped me. The way leads forward, on to new goals.

You can always find more gaming news and game reviews here at And if you’re interested in how I work, what I consider when creating game reviews and which game reviews are already available, just have a look here.

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