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Hier gibt es meine Game Reviews. Ich stelle Spiele vor, bewerte sie, sage meine Meinung und spreche Empfehlungen aus.

A Long Way Down Review (Game) turn-based Strategy Dungeon with Cards

A Long Way Down Game Review / Test – Turn-based Strategy Dungeon with Cards

A Long Way Down is a mix of a dungeon crawler and a deck-building card game, with a little board game and roguelike elements and a lot of round strategy. If this sounds interesting to you, then you’ve come to the right place. If you didn’t understand the terms, I’ll explain them in more detail in a moment.

Tropico 6 DLC Review The Llama of Wall Street 0

Tropico 6 DLC Review – The Llama of Wall Street

In this article I show you all the info and details about the new Tropico 6 DLC called The Llama of Wall Street and some innovations for the popular economic strategy game around a Caribbean island dictatorship and the famous dictator El Presidente and his assistant Penultimo.

Tropico Mobile Review - Tropico to go - Tropico Mobile Game 0

Tropico Mobile Test – Review

Tropico Mobile Test – One Tropico 3 to go please… – Review – The Tropico Game App for iOS and Android

The Tropico Mobile Test – The Tropico Mobile Game App for Android and iOS in Review (German/English, Video with many subtitles). Feral Interactive has converted Tropico 3 for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad. In this video we watch the app, I introduce the game and tell you something about my opinion.

Little Big Workshop Review 0

Little Big Workshop Review / Test

Little Big Workshop Review – Test of the Hardcore Business Simulation in Cute – Little Big Workshop is a solid and complex economic simulation in which you build your own production factory. The gameplay and graphics look cute, but you shouldn’t be deceived. Everything worth knowing about the game, an exact analysis, and evaluation you get in the following.

Pine Review 0

Pine Review

The Pine Review. In this article I would like to introduce the game Pine. Pine is an action adventure game for single players in a 3D Open World. You play a fixed character, the young Hue, who is a member of a small human tribe in a fantasy world. Everything worth knowing about the game, an exact analysis, and evaluation you get in the following.

Legend of Keepers Prologue pReview Pixelart Dungeon RPG Strategy Analyse & Test 0

Legend of Keepers Review

Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master Prologue is a role-playing tactic strategy mix with turn-based combat and dungeon management. Legend of Keepers Gameplay German for PC (Steam) is shown. The pixelart style game features tactical strategy game depth, chic animated monsters and the life of an evil Dungeon Lord.

Two Point Hospital DLC Test Review Bigfoot Pebberly Island Close Encounters 0

Two Point Hospital DLC Test-Review

In this article I will introduce you to the three major Two Point Hospital DLCs Bigfoot, Pebberley Island and Close Encounters. All information and details in the Two Point Hospital DLC Test and Review. We travel to the tropics, in the winter to the Yeti and in the desert to the aliens.

In diesem Beitrag stell Ich die drei großen Two Point Hospital DLCs Bigfoot, Pebberly Island und Close Encounters vor. Alle Infos und Details im Two Point Hospital DLC Test und Review. Wir reisen in die Tropen, in den Winter zum Yeti und in die Wüste zu den Aliens.

Die Young Review PC Game Deutsch German Survival Parkour Action Adventure im Test Review 0

Die Young Review

The Young Review PC Game – Survival Parkour Action Adventure in Test

In Die Young we play a young woman who has been kidnapped and abandoned on a desert island. A rough world that threatens our lives and we must find out why we were kidnapped and how we can escape. The test video shows The Young Gameplay in German and English.

Founders Fortune Test Review Deutsch Der spaßige Survival Aufbau Sims Mix im Review 0

Founders Fortune Test / Review

Founders Fortune Test – The Funny Construction, Survival Sims Mix Review

Zap zockt Founders’ Fortune Test. Founders’ Fortune is a building strategy settlers mix with some Sims and a bit of survival in blood. We build a colony on a strange island. We have to survive, gather resources, make a home out of it and build a new home with research, trade, diplomacy and possibly even war against the locals.