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ZapZockt Social Media 
Twitter, Facebook, 
Instagram, Discord
ZapZockt Social Media
Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, Discord

Hi there,
here you can find all relevant Zap zockt social media links. If you want to follow me there, I would be happy. It would be nice to get to know you and you won’t miss any more videos and articles in the future.

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If you want, you can also take a look behind the scenes, exchange opinions or have discussions with me and the community, and much more. Partly you can also follow my other interests, which otherwise do not come across so. And of course, you can also write to me, show me things, suggest games, share the news with me, and so on.

So here are all the social media links to find me on all platforms:

Zap Zockt at YouTube

All Videos with German Voice-Over and subtitles in English (and often much more languages)


or with the nice new @handle-system, which you could use to tag me in comments or videos directly:

Zap Zockt Discord Server

Be part of it, have discussions, always get the latest news, never miss a video or article, share your thoughts, write, talk, exchange info and maybe even play together. All this becomes possible when you join the ZZ Discord server:

Right away as a hint in advance:

When you arrive on the ZZ Discord server, you will see almost nothing, because there is a small bot protection installed. At first you have to write something in the channel “Say Hello” and after that you will be manually enabled within a few hours. In this way we can protect our community as far as possible from bots and scammers and no one can see from the outside who is a member of the ZZ server.

Zap Zockt at Twitter

Aktuelle Tweets, da kann man mir auch gern folgen. Ankündigungen für jedes Video und viele weitere Sachen gibt es hier zu lesen.

Zap Zockt at Facebook

Zap zockt bei facebook
Zap zockt bei Facebook

Zap Zockt at Instagram

Zap Zockt at LinkedIn

Zap Zockt at Reddit

Zap Zockt at Pinterest

Zap Zockt at Spotify

Podcast in German language

If you want to listen to your podcasts in other places or platforms, you can do that too, just check out the podcast page (all Podcasts in German language).

More Information about how to get in contact on a business level can be found on the Imprint Page,

So, if you know another new, incredibly cool medium, where I should urgently connect with you, just write me a message on one of the platforms above with a link to it. I will then take a look at it.