Indie Games April 2023 – Exogate Initiative – Shadows of Doubt – Raidborn – Zaps Indie Game News

Indie Games April 2023 - Exogate Initiative - Shadows of Doubt - Raidborn - Zaps Indie Game News

In this episode of Zap Indie Game News, I show you indie games that have just been released in April 2023 [PC Gameplay], all fresh and new. There’s base-building strategy and aliens in Exogate Initiative, murder mystery and detective gameplay in Shadows of Doubt, and RPG monster fighting and dungeon crawler feeling in Raidborn. All three games are fresh in Early Access, so they are not fully developed yet. They were released from late March to late April 2023 and are available for PC on Steam. Briefly presented as a mini review/preview, each game was more than 5 hours in a test.

Spacebourne 2 Review – Space Action Strategy RPG – Freelancer Meets Civilization in this Test

Spacebourne 2 Review Deutsch - Space Action Strategie - Freelancer trifft Civilization - Game Test

SpaceBourne 2 is a space-open-world sandbox, with lots of spaceship combat, but also action as a soldier on stations and planets. It offers an extensive story around the liberation of mankind from slavery and a complex space conquest part that offers long-term motivation in the style of a 4X strategy with combat, diplomacy, and sophisticated battles.

Survival in the dark: Lumencraft combines top-down action with base building and tower defense

Lumencraft - Top-down Action mit Tower-Defense und Basenbau - Titel

Lumencraft combines elements of a top-down shooter with base building and tower defense. Players must dig and drill their way through a completely destructible environment to find Lumen – a mysterious resource that is the only hope for humanity’s survival. In the process, they’ll have to fend off dangerous creatures that lurk in the shadows.

Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale Review – Pirates 2023 or Port Royale the Other Way Around – Review

Tortuga A Pirate's Tale Review - Pirates 2023 oder Port Royale mal andersherum - Test Deutsch German

Tortuga Delivers Turn-Based Pirate Strategy and 3D Ship Cruising Across the Caribbean Sea

In Tortuga (Gameplay Test – Let’s Play Game Review) we play a pirate in the Caribbean, similar to Pirates. We fight in turn-based ship battles against merchants, pirate hunters, and other pirates and try to build an empire that will eventually be strong enough to plunder the legendary Spanish treasure fleet. Tortuga hit the Epic Games Store with a release date of Jan. 19, 2023, for PlayStation PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with a Steam version likely to follow later.

Aquatico Test – 1000 Miles Under the Sea – Fancy City Building Sim in Review

Aquatico Test (Deutsch) - 1000 Meilen unterm Meer - schicke Städte Aufbau Sim im Review

The City Builder Strategy Game Aquatico Lets Us Build a City in the Sea – A Special City Builder with Relaxation Factor due to Aquarium Feeling

The underwater build-up game Aquatico in the gameplay test with review video – The earth is sinking in the chaos of the climate catastrophe, and we are building a new home for mankind deep in the sea. Complex city builder strategy with aquarium charm.

Ixion Review – Save Humanity – City Builder in Space (Test)

Ixion Review - Rette die Menschheit - City Builder im Weltall (Test)

Mankind Sets Off to New Worlds – Build-Up Strategy on a Space Station – Sci Fi Survival Town Builder in Review – Ixion Test

In Bulwark Studios’ new build-up strategy game Ixion, you’ll lead the construction and journey of a space station into the future of humanity. It’s a mix of survival city builder, mayor simulation, and real-time strategy, and this is spiced up with a strong story and tough decisions. The release date for Ixion is 07.12.2022 and it will be released for PC on Steam.

City Bus Manager Review – Become a Bus Tycoon in Your City

City Bus Manager Review - Werde Buy Tycoon in Deiner eigenen Stadt - Test

The New Economic Sim City Bus Manager in Review/Test – Become a Bus Tycoon in Any City You Like

In the new Bus Tycoon game City Bus Manager you build up your own bus company and as a special highlight, you can do this in any city in the world thanks to the OpenStreetMap connection. Build a depot, look for employees, buy buses, and off you go with our own public transport provider. City Bus Manager has a release date of November 10th, 2022, and will be available for PC on Steam.