Distant Kingdoms – promising build-up strategy game announced for 2021

With Distant Kingdoms, a new fantasy city builder will enter Early Access in Q2 2021

Distant Kingdoms - Fantasy City Builder coming 2021 - Aufbau Strategie Spiel Strategy -Cover Picture
Distant Kingdoms – Fantasy City Builder coming 2021 – Aufbau Strategie Spiel Strategy -Cover Picture

Fantasy City Builder Distant Kingdoms to launch into Early Access soon. Explore a new world full of strategy and magic in Q2 2021. Kasedo Games and Orthrus Studios announced today that the fantasy city builder title Distant Kingdoms will enter Steam Early Access in Q2 2021. In this article, I collect all the information you can find about the game, all the trailers, screenshots, everything about the free demo, the Early Access launch, the game content and scope, and much more.

EA Release Review Update:

Meanwhile, the game was released in Early Access and you can find my Distant Kingdoms Review here.

German Version:

Distant Kingdoms – Early Access Info Sammlung

Distant Kingdoms will initially be released for Windows PC only. The game is said to offer a unique city-building experience where players will use strategy, social management and magic to build a thriving kingdom. The goal is to unite the humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs. All races must ultimately come together to save civilization from apocalyptic doom.

“We are excited to deliver a unique game that mixes vivid fantasy elements with the city-building tropes that players of this genre love,” said Oliver Smith, founder of Orthrus Studios. “Although we had originally planned a full release, the enthusiasm, and input from the community since the announcement has made us rethink things a bit. By going into Early Access, we can engage the community and shape our already unique game world into something players can play for many hours.”

Developer Statement

Banished by the gods to the fabled lands of Ineron because of the ongoing conflict between warring races, players must forge a harmonious civilization, build a sprawling network of cities, and provide for the needs of their people through a deep network of production lines as they move through the social strata from peasant to noble.

Distant Kingdoms Download – free Demo in Steam Games Festival

A demo of Distant Kingdoms will be available during the Steam Games Festival, taking place February 3rd-9th, and the DEVs invite to the discussion on their Discord channel. The demo build will allow players to experience early gameplay and the tutorial before it is released in Q2.

The demo will be available as a free download on the Steam page of Distant Kingdoms.

Distant Kingdoms Screenshots

Click or tap on the image for a larger view.
In the enlarged view, you can scroll right and left on the edges

Game Functions

Build a home

  • Build an extensive network of cities and villages as you establish a new civilization.
  • Explore new technologies and dabble in magical summons to support your growing settlements.
  • Accessible for beginners, with complex and deep gameplay for experienced city builders.


  • Explore a new world of mystery and send adventurers out into the unexplored mists. Help decide their fate through a choose-your-own-adventure-style quest and event system.
  • Take on troublesome creatures, from dragons to goblins, wraiths and trolls, and venture into deep, dark and curious dungeons scattered throughout the map.

Establish a mighty kingdom

  • Serve the needs of your populace through a deep network of production lines as they move through the social classes from peasant to noble, fulfilling the desires of each race.
  • Help the humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs join forces across multiple maps and scenarios in a future grand campaign to save civilization from apocalyptic doom.

Distant Kingdoms Gameplay Trailer – Hands-on Video

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a look at the game myself yet. I will do that as soon as possible. But here is a first hands-on video from TheEscapist with some Distant Kingdom gameplay footage:

Distant Kingdoms is A Fantasy City Builder Mixed with D&D Text Adventures | Interview

Further information on Distant Kingdoms:

As I find more information on the game, or even get to take a look at the game myself, this article will be updated. So just check back here from time to time.

Distant Kingdoms Discord Server

Distant Kingdoms Website

Distant Kingdoms Steampage

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