Evil Genius 2 World Domination – News, Release Date, Trailer, all Info

Evil Genius 2 – Developer Rebellion announces release date and shows gameplay in a trailer

Evil Genius 2 2021 Remake - Release Date, Info, Trailer, Screenshots - cover
Evil Genius 2 2021 Remake
Release Date, Info, Trailer, Screenshots

With Evil Genius 2, a successor to Evil Genius will soon be released – The developer Rebellion, known for series such as Sniper Elite and Zombie Army, is currently working on a successor to the very popular Evil Genius from 2004. Rebellion was also involved in the development together with Elixir Studios back then. The game is now being completely redeveloped, modernized, but close in idea to the original.

You can get all the information about the second part of the ingenious villain simulator in this article. If more news around Evil Genius 2 comes up before the release date, there will be an update for this post. And upon release, I hope to offer an Evil Genius 2 review for you then as well.

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The successor – Evil Genius

Evil Genius 2 will be based in large part on the gameplay of the first part, expanding on it, improving it, and presenting it in a more contemporary guise. That’s why it might make sense to take a closer look at the Evil Genius version from 2004.

In the original, the player managed a secret island base of a supervillain society, stealing artwork and secret techniques worldwide in pursuit of world domination. This was a classic setup strategy game mixed with some more complex quest mechanics.

Evil Genius plays on many clichés from the movie industry, where evil geniuses cause trouble for many heroes, be it James Bond’s Goldfinger, Spiderman’s Dr. Octopus, Batman’s Joker, Superman’s Lex Luthor, or many more heroes and secret services. In Evil Genius we play as the genius villain-in-chief. We have to prove our meanness and deviousness and seize world domination (like every night). So we build our secret base on a hidden island and train our Minions and henchmen to show the rest of the world who is the true ruler of the world, without the agents of the many secret services being able to track us down and stop us.

We build our base similar to the well-known games Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, and many other gems of the build-up sim genre. Our base is built in a mountain, and we have some stealth businesses on the island, such as hotels and casinos, which should distract curious agents so they won’t find the real base (so easily).

In the actual base, we train our subordinates, have to provide electricity, supplies, sleeping quarters, build nasty traps and machines and control our secret organization. Over time, we can rob treasures and knowledge all over the world and convince other villains that it’s better for them to work for us.

Evil Genius 2 Release Date

Recently, Rebellion has announced the Evil Genius 2 release date. On March 30, 2020, Evil Genius 2: World Domination will now be released for PC on Steam. If you don’t want to miss the release, you can Add Evil Genius 2 to your wishlist now.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Release Date Trailer

Evil Genius 2 Sandbox Mode announced

Meanwhile, Rebellion has also announced a sandbox mode for Evil Genius 2. This way, you can play completely freely apart from the campaign, conquer the world at your own pace or build funny experiments with traps, a base without walls or other wacky ideas. There is also an extra announcement trailer for the sandbox mode:

Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Sandbox Mode

Evil Genius 2 Collector’s Edition and pre-order possible

For the true fans and followers, there is also a Collector’s Edition of Evil Genius 2. This includes a limited edition Maximilian Vynil figurine.

The Max statue features the iconic mastermind from Evil Genius 2 on his throne in his lair. There’s also the official Evil Genius magazine, which gives background on the popular series with developer interviews, profiles of the geniuses, and a summary of the new features. It also includes new comics featuring the four geniuses, their minions, and henchmen.

Contents of the Evil Genius 2 Collector’s Edition: 

  • Steam key for Evil Genius 2: World Domination
  • Steam key for Season Pass One
  • Evil Genius Maximilian vinyl statue
  • The print version of the official Evil Genius magazine

Meanwhile, Evil Genius 2 is also already available for pre-order in the Rebellion Shop. The game will be released in three different versions:

  • Evil Genius 2 Standard Edition for 39,99€ base price, reduced to 35,99€ for pre-orderers.
    Includes the game as Steam Digital Download and the Pre-Order Bonus Items – Fountain of Youth, Trojan Horse and if pre-ordered in the Rebellion Shop also a Free digital edition of the Evil Genius 2 Companion Magazine
  • Evil Genius 2 Deluxe Edition for 59, 99€ / 53,99 € discounted
    Includes the game as Steam Digital Download, the Season Pass, and the Pre-Order Bonus Items – Aurora Borealis, Fountain of Youth, Trojan Horse, and if you pre-order from the Rebellion Shop, also a Free digital edition of Evil Genius 2 Companion Magazine
  • Evil Genius 2 Collector’s Edition discounted for 84,99€ / 76,49€
    Includes the game as Steam Digital Download, the Season Pass, and the Pre-Order Bonus Items – Aurora Borealis, Fountain of Youth, Trojan Horse, as well as the limited Evil Genius Maximilian 155mm Vinyl Statue and if pre-ordered in the Rebellion Shop also a Free digital edition of the Evil Genius 2 Companion Magazine

For all other information, check out the Rebellion Shop (not sponsored).

Evil Genius 2 Gameplay Trailer

Evil Genius 2 - Gameplay with Developer Commentary

Evil Genius 2 Screenshots

Click or tap on the image for a larger view.
In the enlarged view, you can scroll right and left on the edges

Evil Genius 2 Website

Evil Genius 2 Steam Page

Rebellion Website

Rebellion Discord Server

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