Part 4: E3 2021 and Summer Game Fest 2021 – Game List – Square Enix presents Summer Show 2021 and The PC Gaming Show 2021

Continuation of the collection list of all games of the E3 2021 and the Summer Game Fest 2021 – Square Enix presents Summer Show 2021 and the PC Gaming Show 2021- all news, Announcements, Trailers, Releases, Infos

E3 2021 + Summer Game Fest 2021 - Games List - by - Part 4 Square Enix presents - PC Gaming Show
E3 2021 + Summer Game Fest 2021 – Games List – by
Part 4 Square Enix presents – PC Gaming Show

On this page we continue the Long Trailer List, we continue with Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show. Here you get all the games, with some short descriptions, release dates, and more info, if available. Due to loading times, I, unfortunately, had to split the list into several parts, but there is an overview through which you can easily switch between the different conferences and presentations.

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E3 Games List 2021 – Overview of all parts:

Last Update: June 15th, 2021

Square Enix Presents – Summer Showcase – E3 Show

Square Enix has also been offering its own show at E3 for several years now. As the rights holder of games for brands like Lara Croft, Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, some Marvel titles and many other great franchises, there are almost always interesting games and nifty surprises here as well.

Here’s the complete ShowCase, then all the games again individually:

Square Enix Presents Summer Showcase

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Right at the beginning, Square Enix brought their big hit, you could say. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a single-player, story-heavy action adventure with very light RPG touches, such as skill and dialog decisions.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Reveal Trailer – Square Enix presents – Summer 2021 E3 Show

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Developer Deep Dive

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay Trailer First look

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy is a role-playing game series that has been around for almost 40 years. And many of the first parts came out for platforms that don’t even exist anymore. So it’s perhaps an interesting idea that Square Enix is now re-releasing Final Fantasy parts 1-6 in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series for Steam and mobile.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – E3 Teaser Trailer

Legend of Mana

Just like the old FF parts, Legend of Mana is being remade.

Release: For Nintendo Switch, Ps4 and PC on Steam on June 24, 2021

Legend of Mana Opening Movie – Nintendo Switch und Steam Re-Release – E3 2021

Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther Expansion

Marvel’s Avenger has been out for a while and now gets plenty of new content with the Black Panther expansion, including randomized boss fights, so it shouldn’t get boring quite so quickly.

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda Cinematic Trailer

A whole series of conversions of popular series to mobile is following:

Mobile conversions: Hitman Sniper, Nier Reincarnation, Final Fantasy Exvius and FF VII – The First Soldier

  • Hitman Sniper – The Shadows
  • Nier Reincarnation
  • Final Fantasy Exvius
  • Final Fantasy VII – The first Soldier

Hitman Sniper – The Shadows – E3 World Premiere Trailer

Nier Reincarnation – Announce and Pre-registration Trailer

Final Fantasy Exvius – War of the Visions Collaboration Trailer + 5th Anniversary

Final Fantasy VII – The First Soldier

Babylon’s Fall

Platinum Games, the developers of Nier, are working on a new brand called Babylon’s Fall, which, as the name suggests, incorporates references to the ancient history of the Babylonian empires. It’s a story RPG that will be playable as a single-player or with up to four players in co-op. It is planned for PS4, PS5, and PC (Steam).

Release: Soon, Closed Beta now:

Babylon’s Fall Reveal Trailer – E3 2021 – Square Enix presents Summer Show 2021

Babylon’s Fall Developer Interview

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Life is Strange is a great work of art from Dontnod. The mystery and time travel adventure around the teens is a special experience. Now Square Enix offers a remastered version of all previously released parts as a collection.

Release Date: September 30, 2021

Life is Strange Remastered Collection Trailer – E3 2021 – Square Enix presents Summer 2021 Show

Life is Strange – True Colors

A new “season” of the Life is Strange series is coming soon with Life is Strange – True Colors. New main characters, new psychic abilities and all new stories.

Release date: September 10, 2021

Life is Strange True Colors – Power and Consequence – E3 2021 Trailer

Stranger of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin

With Final Fantasy Origin, Square Enix is bringing a whole new series that will apparently bring some spinoffs and pre-sequels of the great Final Fantasy series in a whole new quality. Stranger of Paradise comes in 2022 with some villains that have already appeared as bosses in Final Fantasy Part 1.

Release Date: 2022

Stranger of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin – Announcement Teaser Trailer

PC Gaming Show 2021 – E3 Presentation of the PC Gamer magazine

The US PC gaming magazine PC Gamer has been hosting its own show for a few years now, which in Corona times was a mix of trailer presentation and live-action game-like interludes. It wasn’t the greatest humor of all time, but at least more entertaining than 25min of unscripted developer blah-blah per game, like certain other “shows”.

Narakada Bladepoint

With Narakada Bladepoint comes a PvP Battle Royale with Asian swordplay, looks fancy, who likes PvP, may want to take a look here. You can do this right now because the beta goes from June 16 to June 22.

Release Date: August 12, 2021 for PC on Steam and Epic Store.

Narakada Bladepoint – Gameplay Trailer – PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Dodgeball Academia

A shoot’em’up with balls, somewhat reminiscent of dodgeball.

Release: 2021 for XBox, PS4, Switch and PC

Dodgeball Academia Announcement Trailer – PC Gaming Show 2021

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 has been out for 1-2 weeks, but still it was presented again in the PC Gaming Show. Well, 64 player PvP swordplay with lots of blood and carnage, that’s all there is to say. But the developers have already announced new content at the same time.

Chivalry 2 post Launch Content – Gaelencourt Map Trailer


A game similar to Splatoon, where some chefs bash, chase and smear everything with sauce, cooking pots and soup ladles. Looks funny, definitely nothing ordinary.

Rawmen Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021 PC Gaming Show

Dying Light 2

Dying Light is a zombie shooter, but somehow also very much more. Parkour elements, special story, and a humans-on-the-roof-and-zombies-in-the-streets setting make for a slightly different premise. At the same time, it also looks really good. A developer now shared some details about the story of Dying Light 2.

Release Date: December 07,21 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X/S & PC

Dying Light 2 Trailer + Story Background – PC Gaming Show E3 2021


There wasn’t much gameplay to see from Humankind this time. Instead, the British streamer and gaming show host Frankie Ward shows how she came into the game as an avatar. And it was also again pointed out to the currently starting beta and the release in August.

Release Date: August 17, 2021

Humankind Trailer – Frankie Ward’s Avatar – PC Gaming Show E3 2021

They Always Run

A sidescroll jump’n’run with swords and guns, puzzles and at least some story.

They Always Run – Reveal Trailer – E3 2021

Orcs Must Die 3

The tower defense series Orcs Must Die has been around for a number of years. But this year, a new edition is coming with the third part, which is supposed to offer better graphics as well as some new gameplay elements. So Orcs Must Die 3 is a third person tower defense, mostly in the dungeon but now also in large outdoor areas, and you and your friends would now have to fend off attacks from hordes of orcs and trolls.

Release Date: 07/23/2021 for Playstation, Xbox and PC on Steam

Orcs Must Die 3 Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021

Vampire the Masquerade – Swansong

At least for me quite unexpectedly, a new Vampire the Masquerade game was presented. Swansong is a rather story-heavy action-adventure in the Vampire universe. No release date is known yet, but it is supposed to be released for all consoles and in the Epic Store.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong – Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021


A multiplayer arena monster beat’em’up in which monsters smash each other and destroy entire cities in the process. Released for PS4 and PC, date unknown.

GigaBash Gameplay Trailer – PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Lemnis Gate

With Lemnis Gate comes a very unusual game with a very new twist in gameplay. This is a turn-based tactics first-person shooter. It combines strategy with sci-fi multiplayer shooter gameplay. Everyone plays for 25 seconds, and then it’s the opponent’s turn.

Open Beta in July

Release: August 03, 2021

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021 – PC Gaming Show

Next Space Rebels

In Next Space Rebels, rocket building is to be democratized. Everyone can build rockets, from the worst scrap metal if necessary. And at the end of the game, they can report on it in the virtual in-game social media and have it rated. That’s more or less the game principle of Next Space Rebels.

Next Space Rebels Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021


Medieval turn strategy, fancy graphics, but otherwise I didn’t see anything special yet.

Release: 2021 for PC on Steam

WarTales trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021


Then a longer story trailer followed for Ixion, in which you could see that it’s somehow about a space station to which humanity is relocating because the planet Earth is at its end. Unfortunately, it’s not at all clear in the trailer what the game is about and what kind of gameplay is offered. If you look on Steam, you can see that it’s a base-building strategy game, similar to Spacebase Startopia (see review here), but with a more serious and less comic-like style.


Ixion reveal trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Far – Changing Tides

Far – Lone Sail is getting a sequel. However, the game principle seems to remain the same.

Far: Changing Tides Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021

Lakeburg Legacies

A special cartoon art style makes this game instantly recognizable. Besides that, it probably offers a build-up strategy with family planning and the course of society over generations.

Lakeburg Legacies Gameplay Trailer – PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Content Updates for Killing Floor 2 and Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

New content was announced for Killing Floor 2 with Interstellar Insanity and for Mechwarrior 5 with Heroes of the Intersphere.

Killing Floor 2: Interstellar Insanity trailer

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Heroes of the Intersphere DLC And Developer interview


A very artistic swimming platformer in black and white, in which you travel underwater as a diver. In the process, you send your soul into fish and other animals to solve puzzles.

Silt Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor is getting a sequel and it continues as before, only prettier and more complex. Hello Neighbor 2 will be released for Xbox and PC on Steam in 2021.

Hello Neighbor 2 trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Jurassic World Evolution 2

The same trailer as at the Geoff Keighley Kickoff Show, I’m just mentioning this for completeness. Release for Ps4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and PC on Epic Game Store and Steam.


Slightly generic looking Soulslike action combat RPG where a female fighter is accompanied by a ghost.
Release: 2022 for Ps5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on Steam.

Soulstice trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate: Daemon Hunters

Warhammer, spaceships, thick armor, demons and lots of carnage is coming here in 2022

Warhammer Chaos Gate trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021


No, that’s not a spelling mistake, the game is really spelled with just one “e”. A Russian horror story shooter that looks pretty nice, I think.

Pioner trailer E3 PC Gaming Show 2021


A multiplayer co-op and PvP Lumberjack fun-brawler.

Lumberhill Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021


Arboria is a roguelite dungeon crawler where our hero can evolve from death to death with mutations, plus there’s action combat and gritty enemies. The game has been available in Early Access on Steam for a few months now, you can also find more info on Arboria here.

Arboria Gameplay Trailer – E3 2021


Ein Spiel im Sinne von “Liebling ich habe die Kinder geschrumpft”, wir sind winzig und müssen Rätsel und Puzzle lösen, um durch die riesige Wohnung zu kommen. Dabei helfen uns kleine “Blobs”, denen wir allerlei Befehle geben können.

Release Date: 2022

Tinykin trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021


An action shooter RPG with base building, very similar to Fallout 4, in a Russian nuclear end time setting.

Release: 7/28/21 for PC on GOG, Epic, Steam

Chernobylite trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021


Pixelart style JRPG with turn-based combat, but with an action interlude.


SacriFire Gameplay Trailer E3 2021


A co-op space survival on another planet

Release Date: August 11, 21

Icarus Gameplay Trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021


Open World Pixelart Story-RPG in SciFi Cyberpunk Setting

Mechajammer Gameplay Trailer E3 2021

The Wandering Village

2.5D building strategy on the back of a dinosaur wandering through different zones

The Wandering Village trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Death Trash

isometric pixelart end time roleplaying game

Release for PC on Steam August 05,21


Death Trash Gameplay Trailer E3 2021

Songs of Conquest

isometric pixelart end time roleplaying game

Release for PC on Steam August 05,21

Songs of Conquest Gameplay Trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021

Citizen Sleeper

roguelike sci-fi puzzle game with RPG elements

Release 2022

Citizen Sleeper Gameplay Trailer E3 2021

Project Warlock

Retrostyle pixelart 3d shooter with demons and magic

Release for PC on GOG and Steam, Kickstarter runs from June 29

Project Warlock 2 trailer | PC Gaming Show E3 2021

to be continued…


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