Fortnite Save the world free ? StW Free to play in 2021 ?

When will Fortnite Save the World become free to play and therefore playable for free?

fortnite - Save the world soon free to play ?
Fortnite — Save the world soon free to play?

Fortnite Save the world free in 2021? Fortnite Save the World (StW) has been in early access for more than 2 years, and currently, only buyers of the Fortnite Starter Packages have access. It was announced a long time ago that Fortnite Save the World will be Free to Play (F2p).

Actually, the launch of the free Fortnite StW version was supposed to come “in 2018”, this was then sometime during the year 2018 by Epic Games lifted and postponed indefinitely. So far, Fortnite Save the World is not yet available as a free-to-play game. But that could possibly change soon…

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Important update on Fortnite Save the world free – F2P:

On June 30th 2020, the developers of Epic Games published a blog post in which they declared the Early Access Phase of Fortnite Save the World to be over. And in this article, they also say quite clearly that they are now no longer planning to release Save the World as a free version.

When will Fortnite save the world for free?

With the announcement of the developers from June 30th, 2020 it is now finally clear, Fortnite Save the World Free to play will not exist, it will never be free. At least, this is not reasonable to be expected in the near future (years).

Moreover, they have declared the development of Save the World more or less as completed. They want to continue to build new content for StW, there will be new packages and new skins, but otherwise, the development speed will be slowed down (or in other words, more or less stopped).

Previous article on the topic (somewhat outdated):

But now it could happen after a long time. And Fortnite Save the World for free may soon be available to everyone. As a big hint, the following is for sure. In the patch notes some versions ago there was the following small sentence:

Quests, missions alerts, and daily login rewards will now grant X-Ray Tickets instead of V-Bucks to players who are non founders. Paid Founders will not be affected by this change.

Fortnite Save the World Patchnotes

In other words: “Quests, daily tasks, and daily login rewards will now give X-Ray tickets instead of V-Bucks as a reward if the player is not a buyer of a founder package. Buyers of founder packs will not be affected by this”.

This means that quest rewards in the form of Fortnite’s Itemshop currency VBucks will only be available for buyers of a founder package. These buyers are the only ones who are allowed to enter the game. Conversions of this kind only make sense if non-buyers of Fortnite’s Save the World Founder Packs will soon be allowed to enter the game. And so it is clear that the conversions for Fortnite Save The World Free2Play are in full swing.

Experts are now expecting a change as soon as possible at the start of Fortnite Season 12. The new Fortnite Season 12 will probably start in the middle of February and with a very high probability is then a possible date for new players to play Fortnite Save the World for free. But will it really come then? The guesswork continues…

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