YouTube Strategy: One YouTube channel multiple topics?


Dirk "Zap" von, 40+ Gamer, zockt seit 1980 vor allem Strategie Titel, MMOs und Rollenspiele. Schreibt Game Reviews, Gaming News und auch mal über Technik, Hardware und YouTube. Mehr Infos findest Du unter Mehr über Zap lesen ◄----------► Dirk "Zap" from, 40+ gamer, has been gaming since 1980, mainly strategy titles, MMOs and RPGs. Writes game reviews, gaming news and also sometimes about technology, hardware and YouTube. Click here, if you want to read more about Zap.

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2 Responses

  1. Asif says:

    i need to know one thing. Will biography, culture and language, these three topics go well together?

    • Zap says:

      Hi Asif,
      these are all three topics which are very far-reaching in themselves. So I don’t think it won’t be easy to bring them together and find an audience that is interested in all three subjects at the same time.

      But I have some problems to imagine what you mean by these three topics directly, so I’m not completely sure about the possible interactions and combinations of all three.

      Kind regards,

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