Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator

Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator – Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide]

Zap zockt Fallout 76 / F76 Guide – The Fallout 76 blueprint fusion generator is often sought after, but a power plant needs to be repaired. This guide explains everything about the power plants, what events you have to do to get the blueprint & how they work. Fallout 76 Tips and Tricks by Zap Zockt.

All information about the fusion generator, the big generator, and the windmill. The power plant repair events explained in detail.

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With over 15 years of experience in MMOs and with Bethesda games, I give you my evaluation and the important information currently known about the game. Fallout 76 Guides, Tutorials, News and Reviews by Zap Zockt

This article is from a script for one of my YouTube videos. So now you can choose if you want to read it, watch the video or both.

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Fallout 76 Bauplan Fusionsgenerator - Kraftwerk reparieren für mehr Strom [Guide Deutsch]
Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator – Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide]
Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator - Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide] Intro

► Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator – Intro

Hi there, here’s the Zap. This is about more power, in short about electricity. On the one hand, I explain how you can get the big generators for your CAMP and for the workshops. And because more complex events are necessary, I show and explain these events as well. And while we’re at it, there are some more general tips and information on the power plants, substations and how they all relate to each other.

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► Generators for CAMP and Workshops

Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator - Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide] Generators for CAMP and Workshops
Generators for CAMP and Workshops

Electricity is needed in CAMPs and workshops for different things. In CAMP, this starts with water generators, light for lamps, electrically controlled roller shutters, extractors for certain materials, and in workshops, machines such as the fusion core generator. Many of the simpler things can be supplied with the standard power generator. But if at some point you have a lot of consumers or you want to have the 100 power for the large production machine quickly in a workshop, you will also need a stronger power source at some point.

The small generators that one has at the beginning start with 3 and 5 electricity that they produce. The big generator can produce 10, the wind turbine 12 and the fusion generator even 100. That’s quite a difference. But where do you get the blueprints for these larger energy sources from? Even if most of the recipes can be found somewhere in the world or at dealers, you can’t get the generator blueprints there. If you want to have more energy in your own home, you have to look intensively at the power plants in Appalachia.

► Extra note on the blueprint decontamination shower:

As I learned later, you can also find in the power plants the blueprint for the radiation shower or the blueprint for the decontamination shower, with which you can build a radiation shower for your CAMP yourself. With this shower, you can lower the radiation of your character and clean it of course. My thanks to the YouTube user Hr. Gesangverein for this helpful hint :)

Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator - Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide] Power plants and their capabilities
Power plants and their capabilities

► Power plants and their capabilities

A little background information about the power plants in general. The former state of West Virginia, now called Appalachia, was supplied by 3 large power plants. These were the power plants Monongah, east of Morgantown, Poseidon at the northern edge of Charleston and Thunder Mountain in the swamp in the northeast. These power plants have distributed their electricity over several substations across the area. But now the power stations are occupied by mutants, burned or ghouls and often working robots out of control are roaming the area.

In order to get the power supply going again, you first have to eliminate these enemies. But then the old machines are also badly damaged. When the power plants are up and running again, they also supply the transformer stations in the surrounding area, and these then partly also enable the power supply at some specific workshops, where you then have to build fewer generators of your own. In addition to the event rewards, the power plants can also be interesting for other reasons, such as if you plan to take all the workshops in a region, you can save a lot of generators.

But for that, they just have to be repaired. And that’s what the power plant events are all about. Because at Monongah, Thunder Mountain and Poseidon there is a more complex event series each, for the accomplishment of those events one gets, with a little luck of course only, the blueprints for the generators. So the construction plans are not a guaranteed reward, there’s usually a random generator blueprint, but also not always and if you’re unlucky you don’t get the one you want first. I’ll show you how these events work, here’s Monongah as an example.

► Conquer power plants

First of all: Do not confuse the repair of a power plant with the conquering of the workshop at the power plant. The workshops at the power plants are also very interesting because they can produce fusion cores, uranium, scrap, and other nice materials. But for the conquest of the workshop one does not get construction plans for generators. This is only possible with the big repair events.

Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator - Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide] The "Power Plant Repair" Event
The “Power Plant Repair” Event

► The “Power Plant Repair” Event

Okay, let’s go. If we approach Monongah and it is currently broken, an announcement will start at that very moment and the event “Start Monongah again” will be displayed. When the event has just started, it has a timer of 59 minutes.

If you know exactly what to do and have 2-3 people on-site, you can finish the event in about 10-15 minutes. But if the timer is already very low and you are perhaps alone, you have to consider whether it is still worthwhile to start the repair attempt. So take good care of the clock, it’s very annoying when the timer runs out while you’re about to finish the event and then everything fails.

A little tip in advance: if you haven’t done it that often yet. Before you start this event, it’s best to turn off all quest tracking of your main, secondary and other quests. Otherwise, you will quickly be tempted to run after the wrong Quest Markers. Because at the beginning the event has no markers anyway, but the further you go in the progress of the event, the more markers you get and then it is very helpful if you really only see the event goals and not markers for 10 other quests.

The event has 3 sub-tasks at the beginning. Simple repairs to the reactor system, Simple repairs to the generator system and Simple repairs to the cooling system. Each of these 3 sub-events takes place more or less in a separate building. The cooling system is repaired in the two cooling towers, which are in the outside world. This reactor room is signposted inside, and in the power plant also with “Reactor” and consists of numerous floors of steel bridges built around a round boiler in the middle, there is also a round catwalk. The generator room is also inside, and in its center, there are two huge blue machines in a rectangular depression.

So short summary of the characteristics: Cooling system – outside in the cooling tower, generator – blue machines in angular recess, reactor – round boiler with the round passage.

A somewhat mean circumstance of these events is that the event goals at least at the beginning of the event are not marked in the world. This makes it look a bit complicated and you have to start looking around. Apart from the special location, the sub-events don’t differ too much from each other. The progress of each sub-event is promoted by 2 actions.

First, there are broken pipes everywhere. These are relatively easy to find because they hiss loudly and have steam clouds that you can see quite easily. In addition, these special pieces of pipe, which can be broken, are marked with black-yellow color, while the normal pipes are rather orange. Broken pipes also have a clearly visible crack. So just get as close as possible or climb, jump, etc. and when you are close enough you can activate the pipe. Then the crack, the steam cloud and also the hissing disappear, so that you can gradually see and hear more easily where the broken pipes are and which ones you have already repaired.

The second target is the control panels, which are mostly yellow, about 2 meters high, have several displays on the left and numerous black switches on the right, and just look broken when they need repair. These yellow boxes often stand a bit at the edge of the steel walkways. Also, here just get close and activate to repair.

Each tube and each control panel now brings a little progress for the event. When the bar of a sub-event has reached 75%, you get an announcement and it is considered completed. Only 75% of progress is needed to complete the event. After that, you get optional tasks to finish the repair. I don’t know exactly if it has any influence on the final reward, if you have brought everything to 75% status or if there are bonus EPs and items if you have brought everything to 100%. But I guess that’s the case. So if you want the best chance to get a good reward and probably the best chance to get a blueprint, I would recommend a complete repair to 100% on all 3 sub-events.

Once you have repaired all 3 areas of the power plant, the event is not finished immediately. Now you have to go to the control room and start the power plant again at a control terminal. In the end, the quest targets of the event will be marked so that the computer should be easier to find. The control room is actually signposted with “Control room” in the whole power plant, and probably you’ve already walked past it 5 times during repair anyway, at least that’s how I always feel. Rough help, the control room is more at the top of the power plant. When you have reached it, simply activate it and select the option “Power plant up again”. And that concludes the event successfully.

Fallout 76 Blueprint Fusion Generator - Repair the power plant Event for more power [Guide] A little info on the side:
A little info on the side:

Besides about 450 experience points and 50 bottle caps, you usually get some medicine, 1-2 armor parts or weapons, some scrap metal and a chance to get a generator blueprint. Here in the picture the construction plan for the big generator (watch the video).

► A little info on the side:

By the way, there are also all sorts of little things to be found in the power plants. So there is a map on the wall in the control room, where you can activate the pinboard needles, and then you get the corresponding places entered on the world map. Here, the substations that belong to the respective power plant are marked. And if you climb up to the roof at the Poseidon power station, there is a caravan in the back corner. If you’re a bit lucky, you can find a chemical protective suit there that gives 999 resistance to radiation damage. And at least in Monongah, there’s a decontamination shower near the control room in case you’re close to Radaway.

► Outro

So, I hope that the events at the power plants are now easier for you to accomplish and you can get your generator plans together. If you want more info and videos about Fallout 76, check out the main channel page of the Zap Zockt YT Channel.

If you liked it, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments, e.g. if you already have your Generator collection complete. If you would like to have other events or things in the game explained in more detail in a forthcoming video, please write to me as well.

And other questions about Fallout should also be answered in the comment box or in the community forum at zapzockt.de. Then I wish you a lot of fun in Appalachia and a great day in Wasteland, let it go well for you, ciao ciao, your Zap


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