eSports Life Tycoon Review – eSport Manager

eSports Life Tycoon Review / Test – The MOBA ESL Team Manager Game Tested

Zap Zockt eSports Life Tycoon (Review) – The eSports MOBA Team Manager Tycoon in test. Build your team, manage player house & training, solve all problems with players, sponsors, opponents, and fans & win in ESL competition. If this works well I tell you in this test

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eSports Life Tycoon Review (Deutsch) - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German]

eSports Life Tycoon Review – Intro

Moin Moin, here’s the Zap. In this episode I’d like to introduce you to the game eSports Life Tycoon, show you what it’s all about so that you can decide for yourself if the game would be fun for you and if it would be worth buying or if you’d rather avoid it.

The game was provided to me as a free test sample, but this has no effect on my test. Because, rule of thumb: I don’t introduce really bad games, even if they are given to me for free. And also otherwise I point out errors, defects, and problems, regardless of whether bought or test samples.

Gametype – What is eSports Life Tycoon?

Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 01 Was ist eSports Life Tycoon
eSports Life Tycoon Review

eSports Life Tycoon is actually a classic sports manager game, as you know for example football manager or bike manager, where you train and manage a sports team, improve their training conditions, try to get the small problems in the life of the team under control, optimize the line-up and then try to rise in a league system and become successful with your team in this sport.

Here this eSports Manager Game also offers a lot of features you can wish for in such a game. Player characteristics, which can be improved over time, training rooms including expansion, marketing, finances, and also all kinds of insights into the life and problems of such a team. In this case, it’s all about eSports, more precisely about a team playing the fictional MOBA game “League of Heroes”. This has nothing to do with the mobile game of the same name but is rather a reference to the well-known and popular MOBA League of Legends or LoL, which is also a big number in real eSports.

eSports Life Tycoon – Devs and Price

Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 02 eSports Life Tycoon - Devs und Kosten

eSports Life Tycoon is published by Raiser Games from Spain and developed by the small studio U-Play Online, which despite its name has nothing to do with Ubisoft. This team has already successfully launched several smaller games such as Train Crisis, International Basketball Manager and YouTubers Life. So it’s not a completely inexperienced indie team.

The game will be released on June 20th, 2019 in Early Access and costs 14,99 € on Steam. The developers say that they want to continue working on the game for another 3 to 4 months. Feedback and feature requests are accepted.

At the moment the game is not yet available at, but it will definitely be released there soon. Gamesplanet offers a lot of games with very attractive discounts, a look at the shop is definitely worth it.

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Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 03 eSports Life Tycoon - Technik und Zustand

Technics and condition

The engine used offers a very nice graphic. The figures are extensively customizable and look appealing. Graphically the game is competitive and appealing for the management genre.

The sound, on the other hand, is measly and weak. Neither is there any speech output nor good music. Some simple sounds are playing in the background. And the other sound effects are only slightly above or below the minimum requirement. In this area, a lot of ambiance gets lost in the game.

The game offers different language versions of the screen texts in English, Spanish, German and French. Speech output is a complete failure.

The game is stable as far as possible. So far I had only one hanger in the loading screen after my first bankruptcy.

The options are unfortunately not very extensive. There is no frameless fullscreen window mode. And what bothers me most is that there is no option to select the difficulty level. There is also no option to start in a higher league, you always have to start in the 6th league at the bottom.

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Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 04 eSports Life Tycoon - Spielfeatures - Das Haus

Game Features – The House

The game actually has two to three main views, depending on how you play.

On the one hand, there is the house, where the preparations for the game are taking place. There are different stations where the team analyzes the opponent’s team, builds up marketing hype, tries to counter the opponent’s tactics or simply trains together. And of course it’s all exhausting and recovery must always be in between.

This part looks graphically nice, but offers only a few gameplay decisions, except which functions you use how much. Because there is a shortage management in demand. If you wanted to prepare everything optimally, the team would probably need 4-5 days, but you normally have only one and a half days preparation time. More about that later.

Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 05 eSports Life Tycoon - Spielfeatures - Die Spiele und Matches

Game Features – The Games / Matches

When it comes to the actual matches, you have 2 possibilities. On the one hand, you can simulate the whole game completely. But then the game consists of only one push of a button and you only get the final result and all decisions in the course of the game are made automatically.

Alternatively, you can choose the full simulation mode, and here it’s pretty much getting downright serious. Hero selection, hero blocking in the match, fine-tuning between attack and dodge, selecting which lanes should be pressed when and some further decisions are to be made, often still under time pressure. Non-MOBA experts will sometimes be faced with many question marks here, at least that’s how I felt at first. But after a few matches, it becomes a bit clearer.

This simulation mode is quite interesting and offers some tactical depth. But since there are a lot of random factors involved and I’m not completely sure that the balancing in the release version is that fair, it can get quite frustrating. But if it works, it can be very enjoyable. That’s probably the up and down of the coaching life of a sports team.

Game Features – Further Menus and Events

Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 06 eSports Life Tycoon - Spielfeatures - Die Menüs, Ereignisse und Events

Sometimes team members argue or are nervous, exhausted or otherwise in a bad mood. Then you have to intervene as a team leader and make them feel better. Sometimes players get sick or suspended, then replacements have to be found, but you can hardly afford them. Because finances are always tight and you have to think carefully about what you spend the sponsors’ money on. If the cash is short and the costs are not covered, you can get rid of the team leader position faster than you can spell bankruptcy. The financial part of the game is quite crisp and going bankrupt is far easier than not doing so.

Between the house mode and the match mode, there are always small things on the side, where you have to make decisions as a team leader. You get fan mail that you have to answer and the answers have an effect on fans and team, you have to solve conflicts and problems in the team, repair and extend the house, fulfill sponsor wishes and sometimes visitors come into the house, who make some strange demands.

The players get experience points after each match, so they level with time and there you can distribute one point to the 4 basic attributes at each levelup. For each of the 5 lanes of setup, there are 6 heroes to choose from, all of the levels, but there is no choice, this happens automatically.

Between seasons it is necessary to find and recruit better players, possibly move to a better house, find new sponsors, and make further season preparations.

Scope and long-term motivation

Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 07 eSports Life Tycoon - Umfang und Langzeit Motivation

eSports Life Tycoon already offers a number of ways to move up the ladder. House improvements, levels for team members, employees, etc. And then you can advance in a total of 6 eSports League leagues, where there is more money to earn, but also the requirements become harder and harder and the players cost more, the house has to be better and therefore you have higher expenses and so on.

The gameplay during the preparation time could be even more varied. You have the 5 categories, scouting, team chemistry, energy, training and hype that you have to keep in balance. At first glance, this looks easier than it really is. Because of the enormously tight time frame for the preparations, this is a constant struggle with the lack.

Here the balancing of the game could really use some fine-tuning. Because the opposing teams are sometimes much more extensively prepared than you can manage even with the best micromanagement. Some of these are even utopian numbers that you can’t even achieve yourself if you put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

That leaves a slight taste of unfairness here and there. But since the games also have a certain random factor, you can still win sometimes, even if it looks hopeless, but lose surprisingly even though you were the favorite. But in most cases the result of the matches makes sense.

If you really want to move up to the top league, get the best house of players and achieve everything there is in the game, this will most likely take a long time. But here the question arises how long this period will really be. Because of course the game principle wears off a bit in the process of several seasons. The random events loosen up the whole thing a bit, but nevertheless the gameplay could have been a little more varied. eSports Life Tycoon is in the middle of the lower midfield between the two extremes boringly simple and overstrainingly complicated.

eSports Life Tycoon Review – Conclusion

Esports Life Tycoon Deutsch Review - Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test [Gameplay German] 8 eSports Life Tycoon - Fazit
eSports Life Tycoon Test

Altogether eSports Life Tycoon already offers some varied gameplay possibilities. Even if I would wish for a bit more depth here and there. Especially when it comes to game preparation, I would simply like more time to really prepare the games and not just do some of the most necessary things under time pressure. While the opposing teams often come along with almost perfect preparation, which you can never manage yourself.

The balancing between automatic mode and full simulation is not yet fully developed in my opinion. In automatic mode, the team sometimes even wins against much stronger teams, while in simulation mode it is already difficult to win against the much weaker teams. This may be due to my MOBA inexperience, but I’m pretty sure that this mode simply favors the computer opponents. In any case, after several hours of testing, I can say as a tip that team chemistry is one of the most important factors in the game.

eSports Life Tycoon Test – Rating

eSports Life Tycoon

Zap from

Esports Life Tycoon Review Das MOBA ESL Team Manager Spiel im Test Gameplay German Deutsch
eSports Life Tycoon Review / Test – The MOBA ESL Team Manager Game Test
Zap Zockt eSports Life Tycoon (Review) – The eSports MOBA Team Manager Tycoon in test. Build your team, manage player house & training, solve all problems with players, sponsors, opponents, and fans and win in ESL competition. If this works well I tell you in this test
unique setting
State of the Game


In order to find a final evaluation, you have to weigh a few points against each other. First of all, there is a refreshingly different eSports setting, which definitely gives the game some plus points. Also, the graphics are between functional and chic, not many, but a few plus points for the game. u003cbru003eThe balancing seems a bit unfinished and the scope of the game features could be richer, so you can actually neutralize the previous plus points again. The sound of the game lies between boring and soporific, Esports Life doesn’t win a flower pot but only a shake of the head.
If you like the game mechanics, the game generates a certain entertainment factor. And with the extensive league system, there are possibilities for long-term motivation, further plus points.
Considering the actually fair price of 15 or 12 Euro now at release, I would say that the game for eSports fans and real fans of sports manager games here for quite a while already enough fun for the money could offer. If you could possibly get the game cheaper somewhere in the sale, it would probably also be interesting for other player circles.
All in all, I would give the game a 60% rating in its current state. If the developers could do the balancing a little bit better with a few patches and maybe add a little more variety to the game, maybe 5% more would be possible, with maybe a lot of rework even an increase up to 70%. The game isn’t a real sports manager hit yet, for tycoon fans I find the manager options too flat, so it won’t be one of the top games in this area either. But you can’t expect that with the price. But you can have some hours of fun with it.



I would be happy if you would write your opinion about the game in the comments or here in the forum. On you can find many more game tests, but also a lot of news about gaming, hardware, YouTube and similar topics. Then I wish you a great day, have a good time, ciao ciao, your Zap.

eSports Life Tycoon Steam Page
Raiser Games

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