Big Farm Story – Introducing the cheerful farm sim

Big Farm Story offers farm life with fields, animals, neighborhood, and many stories

Big Farm Story Gameplay 
Introducing the cheerful farm sim
Big Farm Story Gameplay
Introducing the cheerful farm sim

In this Big Farm Story gameplay presentation, I’ll show you what the game is about and how to play it. The farm simulation Big Farm Story by GoodGame Studios lets us experience farm life as a game and shows educational things about animals, plants, and also many social skills. Helping, being nice, playing is interwoven here.

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This article is available here as text, but also as a YouTube video (German voice-over, many subtitles). This way you can choose how you would like to enjoy it most.

Big Farm Story Presentation Video

German Voice-Over, many subtitles

Big Farm Story - Vorstellung der fröhlichen Bauernhof Sim (Gameplay Deutsch-German, many subs) #AD

Big Farm Story Presentation – Introduction

Hi there, this is the Zap. In this video, I would like to introduce you to the game Big Farm Story. This video is sponsored by the developer Goodgame Studios. Therefore, also the note “advertising”.

Good Game Studios is known for browser and mobile games. Especially their very popular GoodGame Empire has been a landmark in the mobile gaming corner for several years. Probably almost all gamers have at least heard of it.

The farm and the fields

Big Farm Story came out on Steam on August 2nd, 2021, and will surely be available on other platforms as well. In Big Farm Story, we play our own character, which we can also create ourselves at the beginning.

The game provides a daily routine. We get up in the morning, and ideally, we take care of our animals first. We gradually get some farm animals, like our cow Puzzy here, that we can milk. Of course, the animals also need food and some attention. Sometimes a little petting and cuddling is also part of it.

After that, we take care of our plants in the field. We have some plots with four plants each. There is more to unlock and expand as we go, as with almost everything in the game. So we water our vegetables with water from the well, harvest crops, and plant new seedlings.

We can collect our harvest and process it, or sell it. We need the money, among other things, to purchase seeds, which will then allow us to grow the new plants.

Big Farm Story Gameplay Screenshots (Part I)

Click or tap on the image for a larger view.
In the enlarged view, you can scroll right and left on the edges

The animals and animal breeding

We can travel the world of Big Farm Story through a map. We have neighbors and also forest areas or other maps that bring special plants, animals, and other surprises.

Our neighbors the Shepherds are animal breeders. In their store, they offer animals that we can buy both for money and for tokens. When we have raised animals, we can also sell them and then get just these tokens for them.

So it is possible as a source of income to acquire young animals, raise them on your own farm and then sell them again at a profit. In the Shepherds’ store, we also get new looks and furniture, which allows us to beautify our farm.

Our character has a book where we can find information about all farms and pets. There we can also change names, increase levels and check how the animals are doing.

Gathering, mining, and fishing

Almost everywhere and on every map, you can find material to gather. So we can pluck flowers, collect stones and mushrooms. But we can also chop up scraps of wood lying around with an ax, crush rocks with a pickaxe, and catch fish with a fishing rod.

For some of these actions, there are small mini-games, where we have to cleverly wait for the right moment, otherwise, we won’t get anything out of it.

We will need these collected materials later for crafting. Also, we can trade them to NPCs or complete quests with them. And of course, like almost everything, they can also be sold for money.

Gain experience and level advancement

Everything we do in the world of Big Farm Story gives us experience. Every stone we pick up, every time we pet our cow, or every time we successfully complete a quest, we earn experience points. And this is also how our character goes up in levels.

When we level up, there is a choice of whether we want to get more energy so we don’t exhaust it so quickly, or acquire tokens for building or planting. For the planting tokens, we can unlock new seeds and trees to expand our harvest. And for the construction tokens, we can improve buildings like our well, unlock more fields or build additional stables for farm animals. We can exchange these tokens in the city.

Visit to the city

There are many stores that offer us new items for the house and other beautiful things. Here is a wide range of different furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and pictures. But also different looks for buildings on our farm. For example, we can beautify our well or our barn.

In the city, we can also meet other players. So if you have friends you want to play Big Farm Story with, this is a good place to meet. Of course, you can also invite your friends to your farm and show them how cute your pig is or how beautiful your apartment building has already become. And Multiplayer with random people you meet in the game is also possible.

There is also a friendship token system where you can help each other, for example with fertilizing fields and other support tasks. For these friendship tokens, there are then again all sorts of pretty things and special looks for existing buildings or items.

The neighbors and the story

Various NPCs live on neighboring farms and in town, and sometimes they even visit us on our farm. These neighbors will offer us all sorts of things and assign tasks. Often there will be extensive conversations where they give a little background history or help us to find our grandfather.

In addition to the NPCs, there is also a mail system, through which you often get nice letters from all sorts of residents of the city and neighboring farms. Mostly quests are connected with it then again, which assign us to get goods. So we get more and more tasks that bring us experience and more opportunities to improve our character and our farm.

In addition, there are also friendships and relationships with our neighbors. Every time we do a task for an NPC, we improve our friendship with that person. If we are particularly fond of an NPC, we can also give gifts to speed that up.

Cooking and Baking

After some time in the game, we also get the opportunity to build a kitchen in our house. We also have to assemble a stove first from all the materials.

When we eventually finish that, we can cook and bake in our kitchen. We use this to make all sorts of different meals. Often these meals are needed for quests, so at a certain point, we wouldn’t be able to progress without a kitchen.

There is also a mill on the farm where we can make food for our animals.

Big Farm Story Gameplay Screenshots (Part II)

Click or tap on the image for a larger view.
In the enlarged view, you can scroll right and left on the edges

Our Beautiful Home

In our farmhouse, we can gradually collect and place beautiful things. So as time goes by, we will get more and more fancy furniture, will hang great pictures on the walls, put out carpets, or even decorate the wall itself with wallpaper.

And an important point in the house is our bedroom. Our character has limited energy per day. All the actions we take deplete our little farmer and eventually the day is over. We get tired, and it’s time to go back to bed to gather new energy for the next day. A new day and new tasks are already waiting for us.

A cheerful farm world

Big Farm Story is a very cute game. It includes a lot of knowledge about life on the farm and how to deal with animals and plants. But there is also a special emphasis on the social aspects, getting along with other people, building friendships and helping each other.

The game is completely non-violent and rewards kind and positive actions. It includes many stories that are about helping each other and socializing in the village. This also makes it quite suitable for children.

Do you like farm life and the happy world of Big Farm Story? Or does the happy country life not appeal to you as much? Feel free to write me your opinion in the comments or in the Community Discord.

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