Frank and Drake – A Very Special Tale of Two Men – Gamescom 2021 Short News

Frank and Drake is a turn-based visual novel in which two residents of the same house nonetheless never see each other

Frank and Drake - Gamescom21 Short News - Gaming News - cover
Frank and Drake – Gamescom21 Short News Gaming News – cover

Frank and Drake is the adventure of two housemates who develop a relationship without seeing each other because of their extraordinary (and confining) nature: Frank can only live during the day, while Drake works exclusively at night.

The indie developers from the AppNormals Team are trying to completely retell the basic theme of Frankenstein and Dracula with this very artistic presentation and special gameplay elements. Frank and Drake will be released for PC and Mac on Steam, a release date is not yet known.

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Frank and Drake – Gameplay Features

Special features of Frank and Drake

  • Rotoscopic animations, i.e. animations are assembled frame-by-frame from 2D graphics
  • Turn-based story, as a player we switch between the two main characters, but they can never meet each other
  • Extensive world, the two protagonists live in a big city and visit many very different and interesting places
  • Many mini-games and puzzles, very often mini-games set tasks to solve puzzles and unlock new parts of the story
  • Many more interesting side-characters, besides the two main characters there are many neighbors, acquaintances and friends that you can meet and get to know and maybe like in the course of the story
  • Written narration, the story of the two housemates is told mainly through notes and letters, as they can never meet each other

Frank and Drake Gameplay Trailer Video – Gamescom21 Trailer

Frank and Drake - Announcement trailer

Frank and Drake Gameplay Screenshots

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In the enlarged view, you can scroll right and left on the edges

Links and Sources:

Frank and Drake @ Steam (Maybe wishlist? Free Demo soon)

Frank and Drake Twitter

Frank and Drake Facebookpage

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