Anno 1800 First Person Mode – Secret Easter Egg

Anno 1800 Tips & Tricks – The Anno 1800 First Person Mode or how to walk around the city in Anno 1800 in first person perspective.

Anno 1800 Deutsch Tipps Und Tricks First Person Modus Secret Easteregg
Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks
Anno 1800 First Person Modus Secret Easteregg

An Anno 1800 tips and tricks post, with a small but subtle Secret Easter egg, the First Person Mode (first-person perspective). Anno 1800 has never been as beautiful as it looks when you can walk through the streets as a citizen. I’ll tell you how it works.

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(German voice-over, subtitles in many different languages)

Intro – Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks

Hi there, here’s the Zap. In this episode, I show you a funny little tip about Anno 1800. It’s about a hidden Easter egg, the First Person mode in Anno 1800. With it, you can look at your city from the viewpoint of a real person and walk around in it, directly between your inhabitants.

More articles with tips and tricks for Anno 1800 will follow soon, so have a look here from time to time.

Anno 1800 First-Person Mode

If you look at the beautiful world of Anno 1800 from above, you will often wish to be able to wander around down there. Walking between all the inhabitants, looking directly at the people and buildings as if you were one of the many citizens of the self-built city.

And I can hereby tell you, yes, I can. As you can see here, I walk in the middle between the farmers and fishermen and can meet them directly at eye level. I discovered this more by chance because there is a secret key combination for it.

I’ll immediately tell you how it works, only first the request, if you like this tip, please write me a comment. Or if you want to share other Anno 1800 Easter eggs, Anno 1800 tips and tricks or secrets, or simply useful stuff, I would be happy if you write me about it under the video.

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The secret key combination for the Anno 1800 first-person perspective:

Okay, then I won’t keep you on the torture any longer. The secret key combination is Shift+CTRL+R. So keep Shift and Control pressed and then press the R-key once, and with the same combination you can get out later.

By the way, I discovered this combination by chance, because in my recording program exactly this is the combination for starting the recording and you can imagine how amazed I was when I started the recording and suddenly stood in the middle of my city.

With the mouse, you can now look around and with WASD you can move as in almost any role-playing game or shooter. And you can even walk and run. To run, just hold down the Shift key.

It’s a lot of fun to stroll through the crowds and walk through the alleys like an inhabitant of the city.
You can now take a close look at every house and look into the very last backyard, where the housewives hang the laundry and the rooster looks after the chickens.

It’s a lot of fun to stroll through the crowds and walk through the alleys like an inhabitant of the city. You can now take a close look at every house and look into the very last backyard, where the housewives hang the laundry and the rooster looks after the chickens.

Unfortunately, there are some minor graphic errors here and there, like the flickering ground texture directly in front of the feet. Or here and there houses that are not put together correctly, so that you can see gaps in the 3D models. But this is probably only a small evil that one gladly accepts for this great view.

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