Two Point Hospital Off the Grid Review – Test

Two Point Hospital Off the Grid DLC Review

New Two Point Hospital DLC Off The Grid brings hippies and ecology to the hospital
At Two Point Hospital, the eco-DLC Off The Grid is all about nature-based living, vegan nutrition, ecological power supply and life off the grid in general. In my Two Point Hospital Off The Grid Review, I’ll show you everything that’s in the new DLC and tell you if it could be worth your while.

Two Point Hospital Tips and Tricks Part 2

Two Point Hospital Tipps & Tricks Vol. #2 (German, many subtitles)

12+ Two Point Hospital tips and tricks to help you become a real hospital tycoon

In this guide you will get 12 bigger Two Point Hospital tips and tricks for beginners to advanced and some smaller tips in the margin. This is already the second episode, I recommend to read episode 1 or watch the video. This is about fire extinguishers, ice sculptures and palms, copy and paste, free positioning and much more.

Two Point Hospital DLC Test-Review

Two Point Hospital DLC Test Review Bigfoot Pebberly Island Close Encounters

In this article I will introduce you to the three major Two Point Hospital DLCs Bigfoot, Pebberley Island and Close Encounters. All information and details in the Two Point Hospital DLC Test and Review. We travel to the tropics, in the winter to the Yeti and in the desert to the aliens.

In diesem Beitrag stell Ich die drei großen Two Point Hospital DLCs Bigfoot, Pebberly Island und Close Encounters vor. Alle Infos und Details im Two Point Hospital DLC Test und Review. Wir reisen in die Tropen, in den Winter zum Yeti und in die Wüste zu den Aliens.

Two Point Hospital Tips and Tricks

Two Point Hospital Tipps und Tricks Deutsch-German Mono Biester Warteschlange Geister mehr

I’m showing Two Point Hospital tips and tricks (English and German) on the following topics, among others: Non-english voice output, catching mono beasts, optimising queues, catching ghosts by hand, further training needed, multiple staff rooms, running optimisation for patients and all kinds of tips for room design.

Golftopia Review – Test

Golftopia Review-Test - SciFi Golfer in bunt - SimGolf or Golf Tycoon

SciFi Golfers in colorful – SimGolf or Golf Tycoon ? – Golf Topia Review Test

Golftopia is a golf course simulation game, create golf courses, earn money, level golf club, and all this with a funny SciFi ambiance. In my Golftopia Review, I present you this unusual golf tycoon business simulation, is it a SimGolf or rather a theme golf park in crazy?

Rescue HQ Review – Test

Rescue HQ Review Test Deutsch German Polizei Feuerwehr Rettungsdienst Simulator im Test Tycoon Game

Zap Zockt Rescue HQ -The Tycoon – My Rescue HQ Review – Rescue HQ is an economic simulation of a rescue station, in which police, fire brigade and emergency response service are accommodated at the same time. I’ll show you the game and tell you my opinion.

Spacebase Startopia Beta Preview

Spacebase Startopia Deutsch - Gameplay Preview der Closed Beta

All information about the Spacebase Startopia closed beta, release date, gameplay, state of the game, first impression and more

My Spacebase Startopia Beta Preview of the Spacebase Startopia Closed Beta version. Spacebase Startopia is a remake of the classic Startopia from 2001. The game was released in early closed beta and will be available for PC, PS4, and XBox, later also for Nintendo Switch. You manage a space station, provide aliens with all the necessary things, and enough entertainment, and in competition, with other administrators, you earn your money and expand your station.

Conglomerate 451 Review – Test

Conglomerate 451 Review - Test - rundenbasiertes Cyberpunk roguelike Dungeoncrawler RPG

Zap Zockt Conglomerate 451 Review and Test – Conglomerate 451 brings the roguelike dungeoncrawler RPG genre into the future. In the year 2099 in a dystopian cyberpunk world we send out DNA-enhanced clone agents to defeat the gangs of sinister corporations. Cyberware, armour, weapons need to be researched and our base, reputation and sphere of influence need to be expanded.

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