Headbangers in Holiday Hell – Rock the distorted grinning Xmas

With Headbangers in Holiday Hell comes a Twin-Stick Shooter, in which you can shoot against false Christmas feelings and let free your untamed power of Heavy Metal.

headbangers in holiday hell
headbangers in holiday hell

On December 7th with Headbangers in Holiday Hell a new Twin-Stick Shooter from indie developer Vickerlane will be released by publisher Hammers & Ravens. In Headbangers in Holiday Hell you play a rocker who looks a lot like a guy named Lemmy, who fights against the fake Christmas tinsel machinery, disgusting elves, drunken reindeer, and nasty Santa Claus actors in the department stores with guns, flamethrowers, and a lot of hard rock.

German Version

The game will be released on Steam and features 2.5D graphics where we follow and control our hardrocker from an isometric perspective. The most likely way to classify the game is as a rogue-like hack&slash arcade game.

Publisher Hammers&Ravens is currently known for Razorwire: Nanowars and the very good tower defense game Empires in Ruins (read recommendation: my Empire in Ruins Review can be found here). In the following some screenshots and the official announcement of the new game Headbangers in Holiday Hell.

Headbangers in Holiday Hell Steam page

Headbangers in Holiday Hell – official Press Text

Christmas. Christmas never changes. Soon those overzealous little freaks will swarm the city led by that bearded maniac. But this time, we fight back. Inspired by Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Beavis&Butthead’s heavy metal comedy, this is twin-stick mayhem like you’ve never experienced before.

Danger’s rife in the Headbangers brotherhood. The bearded maniac, Santa himself, has you down on his naughty list.
Your crime? Not having succumbed to the consumerist Christmas frenzy last year.

You didn’t buy your hideous wooly jumper. You didn’t buy, gift and receive enough presents. And, worst of all, you didn’t make a Christmas tree!
You, and your fellow rebel scoundrels, are not gonna ruin the sanctity of THE celebration of the Santanic Kult!
The Big Red One’s sending his craziest minions to quell your non-conformist antics. Let’s introduce them to the untamed power of Heavy Metal!

headbangers in holiday hell explosions against ugly elves
headbangers in holiday hell explosions against ugly elves


Vickerlane – Dev Twitterpage

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