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Immortal Realms Vampire Wars Beta

Immortal Realms Release Date

Upcoming round strategy title Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars gets an extensive beta update and a release window in 2020

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is released for PC on Steam, on PS4 and XBox and also for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to strategic battles between different vampire clans and human vampire hunters, the kingdom also needs to be expanded and managed in a management part.

Immortal Realms Vampir War Preview Deutsch Was ist drin im taktischen Blutsauger Runden Krieg

Immortal Realms Vampire Wars Test/Review

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is a tactical strategy game with turn-based battles in a vampire setting. The new strategy game will be available for PC (Steam), PS4, XBox, Nintendo Switch and offers a very special mixture of bloodsuckers and medieval bloodthirsty. In this article I would like to show you what the game is about, how it plays, when it will be released and what you can expect from it.

YouTube Midroll Ads - Advertising in the middle of the video - YouTube changes minimum requirement to 8 minutes and opt-out - YouTube News by ZapZockt.de

YouTube ads: controversial YouTube midroll ads with a minimum of 8 minutes of video length

YouTube ads in the middle of the video (midroll ads) will be more common, and they will always be activated by default.

YouTube ads with midroll ad-spots are the small spots in the middle of the video, for some they are very annoying, many they don’t care, and some block all ads anyway.

Warframe 2020 Review&Test des Free2Play Koop MMO-7 Jahre, nicht Langweilig(German, many subtitles)

Warframe 2020 Review

Warframe 2020 Review / Test of the Free2Play Koop MMO – 7 years and not a bit boring

Warframe 2020 – A Koop MMO that was already released in 2013 and was only moderately successful back then, is not only still on the market today, but more popular than ever. What is so special about Warframe? What made the free-to-play game in space sci-fi setting with Ninja Ambiente so popular? And is it more fun today than back then? All current information about the Koop Loot shooter with Hack’n’Slash and some Parkour here in the Warframe 2020 Review.

Good Company Review - Test des Factory Tycoon PC Game (Deutsch - German, many subtitles)

Good Company Review – Test

Good Company Review – Testing the Factory Tycoon PC Game in Early Access
My test of the PC Games Good Company, a business simulation in which you become a factory tycoon and build up a high-tech company. – In this article I introduce you to the game Good Company. You get all details and information about the factory-building and economic simulator building game from the German IndieDev Studio Chasing Carrots from Stuttgart. Is it a shining pearl of the Tycoon Game Genre, or more a flat click orgy like many mobile games? Have a look at the review and find out more.

Mortal Shell Trailer und Release Ankündigung - Alle Info Mortal Shell Cover large

Mortal Shell – impressive dark fantasy RPG announced

First impressions in the Mortal Shell trailer let Dark Fantasy RPG fans hope for a new high-quality soulslike game
Mortal Shell is a new dark and brutal medieval role-playing game, which plays with very dark fantasy scenarios and tries to come close to its great role model Dark Souls. In a new announcement the Mortal Shell trailer already shows very elaborate boss animations and high-quality graphics as well as an interesting setting.

Cyberpunk Multiplayer und Witcher Nachfolger News by zapzockt.de - cyberpunk-2077 cover V als frau

Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher and CDPR News

After Cyberpunk 2077 a Cyberpunk multiplayer game and a new game in the Witcher universe is planned.

In a conversation with journalists the president of CD Projekt Red Adam Kiciński announced some news about Cyberpunk 2077 and other projects in the Witcher Universum.

Endzone A World Apart - Fallout meets Banished - Endzeit Aufbau Strategie (German, many subtitles)5

Endzone A World Apart (p)Review

Banished meets Fallout in the end zone

Endzone A World apart is currently being developed in Wiesbaden, Germany by Gently Mad. This is a strategy game or a so called City-Builder, whereby this genre is mixed with a pinch of survival.

Colony Siege (p)Review - RTS + Tower Defense Mix im Weltraum

Colony Siege (p)Review

All info about Colony Siege – with developer interview

The exciting real-time strategy and tower defense mix Colony Siege will go into early access in May. Here in advance all info, gameplay and details

Colony Siege is currently under development at Finifugal Games and is scheduled to go into early access on Steam in May 2020. From then on three to four months EA phase are planned until the actual release. In this article you will get all information about the game, including developer interview.

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