Neon Noodles – Kitchen Puzzle Automation

Neon Noodles is an automation puzzle game in a cyberpunk kitchen

Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - Logo
Neon Noodles Logo

In a not so distant future, the puzzle game Neon Noodles takes place in a robot kitchen. We have to prepare food according to given recipes and program our little robot helpers. And to do this as effectively as possible is the challenge in this game. It’s all about automated programming of procedures and the tricky arrangement and timing behind it.

German Version:

The small indie developer studio Vivid Helix presents Neon Noodles, a new game that, similar to the very popular Overcooked 2, deals with the complex processes in a kitchen. Kitchen recipes are often very complex and in Neon Noodles we have to teach our robot assistants these recipes. And they become very quickly more and more complex as the game progresses.

In a dark and mysterious cyberpunk world, you’ll be in charge of the futuristic food factory Neon Noodles. Inspired by popular mechanical engineering puzzle games from Zachtronics such as Opus Magnum and Infinifactory, you’ll design and build your own fully automated kitchen where you’ll prepare meals with the help of robot chefs. Guacamole, Bibimbap, Ramen, Spätzle, Paella and many other recipes are waiting to be optimized by you.

In this kind of puzzle game it is mostly about automating increasingly complex processes by machines. As a player, you gradually manage more and more complex systems by adjusting many small controls. And it’s a very satisfying feeling when you get a grip on this complexity little by little and then you can watch how the complex systems you have designed yourself gradually function without any errors.

Neon Noodles - Short Preview - neon noodles
Neon Noodles Gameplay

Neon Noodles Game Features:

  • Automate your robot cooks with an intuitive playback and recording system where you control the robot that creates the program and edit it later as needed.
  • Customize your cooking loops as easily, ingeniously or streamlined as you like, and compare your wits with other players around the world in global rankings.
  • Solve endlessly repeatable, open-ended puzzles with over 100 recipes from around the world using 200 unique ingredients.
  • Travel around the world and master the art of cooking through technological advances in a cyberpunk world full of mystery

Neon Noodles is released for PC and for consoles

Neon Noodles already was released on Steam in November 2019 and will be available in 2020 for consoles such as PS4, XBox One and possibly Nintendo Switch. For interested gamers there is already a free demo version on Steam, so you can try out the game for free. So just click and check if you could have fun with it. The price for the full game on Steam is currently 12,49 €.

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Neon Noodles Trailer

Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation (Announcement Trailer)

Neon Noodles Gameplay:

Neon Noodles gameplay - May 2019

Neon Noodles Gameplay Screenshots:

Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - screen02
Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - screen03
Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - Screen04
Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - screen05
Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - screen06
Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - screen07
Neon Noodles - Short Preview - - screen08

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