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World War Z Review Deutsch German 3rd Person Koop Shooter mit Schwarm Zombies im Test

World War Z Review

Zap zockt World War Z – Ein World War Z Review (Deutsch – German) – Der neue 3rd Person Koop Shooter von Sabre Interactive im Test. Ich zeige etwas World War Z Gameplay Deutsch und berichte Dir, wie sich das Spiel anfühlt, ob es Spaß macht und ob Du World War Z kaufen solltest (Xbox, PS4, PC).

Volcanoids Review German Deutsch Steampunk Survival im Early Access Test

Volcanoids Review – Test

Zap Zockt Volcoinids Review – I tested the Steampunk Survival game Volcanoids, show some gameplay and tell you my opinion.
Volcanoids describes itself as a survival game in a steampunk universe. This is quite true so far. The setting with its copper plates and the steam engines, many gears and switches is quite Steampunk like and you craft a lot, the building of bases is in the foreground. You already know these mechanics from genres like Ark or Conan Exiles and here Volcanoids does nothing surprisingly different.

Anno 1800 Deutsch Tipps Und Tricks First Person Modus Secret Easteregg

Anno 1800 First Person Mode – Secret Easter Egg

An Anno 1800 tips and tricks post, with a small but subtle Secret Easteregg, the Anno 1800 First Person Mode (first-person perspective). Anno 1800 has never been as beautiful as it looks when you can walk through the streets as a citizen. I’ll tell you how it works.

Tropico 6 Tipps Und Tricks (Deutsch) für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene [German]

Tropico 6 Tips and Tricks English

More than 13 Tropico 6 tips and tricks (German & English) for beginners and possibly also for advanced users can be found in this article. Information on how to make a stable start, about diplomacy, politics and trade with the superpowers, bus traffic, trade routes, many important details & features explained in this guide / tutorial. Tropico 6 tips and tricks for beginners and advanced.