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Game Reviews and Hardware Tests by Zap Zockt

This post collects the previously published contributions from the field of Game Reviews and Hardware Reviews. First of all, I would like to tell you a bit about how my philosophy looks like in testing and review writing. I think if you understand more, how I tick, maybe you can also better judge how to judge my tests and reviews.

World War Z Review Deutsch German 3rd Person Koop Shooter mit Schwarm Zombies im Test

World War Z Review

Zap zockt World War Z – Ein World War Z Review (Deutsch – German) – Der neue 3rd Person Koop Shooter von Sabre Interactive im Test. Ich zeige etwas World War Z Gameplay Deutsch und berichte Dir, wie sich das Spiel anfühlt, ob es Spaß macht und ob Du World War Z kaufen solltest (Xbox, PS4, PC).