Transport Fever 2 Release Date announced

The economic and transport simulation Transport Fever 2 receives a release date. On December 11, 2019, the game will roll out of the station.

After Train Fever and Transport Fever, fans of the Urban Games games are now waiting for the Transport Fever 2 release. The game will feature more than 170 years of transportation history when the game will appear on the official release date for PC just released by Publisher Good Shepherd Games on Steam and for Linux.

Transport Fever 2 Release Date announced | Games Blog
Transport Fever 2 Release announced

A little of the content that the new Tycoon Game will offer on the release can already be seen in action in the new Transport Fever 2 Trailer:

Transport Fever 2 - Release Date Announcement Trailer
Transport Fever 2 Release Trailer

Whether by train, with vehicles, aircraft or ships, the traffic is in the foreground in Transport Fever 2. Villages, businesses, cities, and metropolises will emerge or pass away.

In Transport Fever 2, you build an empire in the transport industry as in the predecessor. Across Europe, Asia and North America, people and goods transports will be at the forefront of the game. Transport Fever 2 represents the transformation of this economic sector over the last 170 years.

More than 200 authentic vehicles will be available in the game. In addition to trains, passenger vehicles and buses, trucks, planes and ships can be used. Stations, air and inland ports can be modularly built and adapted. Compared to its predecessor, the user interface was specially adapted to player preferences and user-friendliness. In addition, especially the modding interface has been further expanded and improved so that the game will be even better by mods expandable. The Steam Workshop will then be able to share new vehicles, missions, and landscapes.

In terms of content, there will be 3 fully-sounding and cutscened story campaigns and a comprehensive sandbox mode. Much more information about Transport Fever 2 is coming soon here or at or @GoodShepherdEnt and @TransportFever at Twitter.

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