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New World (p)Review Deutsch - PvE Spieler Test von Amazons MMORPG

New World Review – Test of the beta gameplay for PvE players

New World is the new action MMORPG from Amazon Games. All info in the New World PvE Beta Test Review

What does New Word, the new MMORPG from Amazon Games offer PvE players? All info & complete analysis in the New World Review, more about New World PvE gameplay, events, raids, dungeons, characters, character creation, skills, open world, world design, crafting, story, fun, etc.

Iron Danger Review-schickes Taktik Story-RPG mit Zeitschleife (Deutsch-German, with many subtitles)

Iron Danger Review – Test

Iron Danger – fancy tactical story RPG with time loop
Iron Danger is a tactical RPG in a fantasy world, lets us play a heroine who controls not only magic, but also time. The game is released for PC, PS4, XBox, Linux and Mac. In this review you will be introduced to everything you need to know about Iron Danger, get a complete overview of all features & an analysis of the game.

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