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Dungeons Of Edera Test - Review - 3D roguelike Indie Dungeon-Crawler RPG

Dungeons Of Edera Test – Review of the 3D roguelike Indie Dungeon-Crawler RPG

The Indie Game Dungeons of Edera was released on August 28th on Steam in Early Access, in this review, you get all the info

In the Indie Game Dungeons of Edera, we travel through randomly generated dungeons and save our homeland from an invasion. In this Dungeons of Edera Test Review, I introduce the game in detail. Dungeons of Edera is a roguelike Dungeon Crawler RPG with 3D graphics. All information about roleplaying, quality, state of the early access game, procedurally generated maps, loot, loot, and again loot can be found in the Dungeons of Edera Review.

Conglomerate 451 Review - Test - rundenbasiertes Cyberpunk roguelike Dungeoncrawler RPG

Conglomerate 451 Review – Test

Zap Zockt Conglomerate 451 Review and Test – Conglomerate 451 brings the roguelike dungeoncrawler RPG genre into the future. In the year 2099 in a dystopian cyberpunk world we send out DNA-enhanced clone agents to defeat the gangs of sinister corporations. Cyberware, armour, weapons need to be researched and our base, reputation and sphere of influence need to be expanded.

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