Sims 4 House Download by Shendragor

Shendragors Sims 4 House and Plots with Download

In this article, I present the Sims 4 house downloads and plots by Shendragor. She builds practical and chic Sims 4 houses that you can download and build into your Sims world.

Shendragor is not only an avid Sims 4 player but also builds chic and practical houses that you can be added directly to your game. Here are some first examples, the list will be extended over time, so check back now and then.

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Sims 4 Houses Download Shendragor Cover picture
Sims 4 House Download Shendragor Cover picture

If you also create Sims 4 houses and plots of land, feel free to write me in the comments, then maybe I can also create a similar page for you

► Sims 4 Downloads Roller Skate Diner

Roller skating is a great activity for your Sims. In this roller skater diner, you can skate and meet friends, eat, drink and have a lot of fun at the same time. The roller skating rink invites you to spin pirouettes and the chic fast-food restaurant offers conviviality and food at the same time.

Parcel Properties: Restaurant, Sociable, Teeny Neighborhood, Fresh Air, 2 Toilets,
Requires Extension Packs: Seasons, Dine Out and Holiday Celebration Pack

Sims 4 House Download Roller Skate Diner by Shendragor

► Sim 4 Restaurant Cafe Francais

The charming scene cafe “Café Français” offers trendy coffee enjoyment with typical French pastries and especially delicious cakes, served in a beautiful coffee house atmosphere. Built-in historic country house style and furnished with heart and love so that your Sims have a nice place to meet and date.

Plot Properties: Restaurant, 2 Toilets
Requires Extension Packs: Seasons, Dine Out, Holiday Celebration Pack

Download Sims 4 Plot Shendragor’s Cafe Francais

► Sims 4 residential lot Magic Tree House

The Ecological Revolution enters the land of the Sims. The Magic Tree House combines environment-friendly building standards with a pleasant ambiance and plenty of fresh air, and looking good is possible at the same time.

Plot properties: Residential lots, 2 beds, 4 toilets

Magic Tree House Download in the Sims 4 Gallery

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► Sims 4 Restaurant Pizzeria Venecia

This pretty restaurant is completely in the Venecia style and therefore surrounded by canals. The cozy interior under the wonderful glass roof gives you the feeling of sitting outside. In addition to tasty Italian dishes, you can also sit down at the bar and get to know other Sims. The romantic atmosphere offers the best ambiance for romantic dates and dinner for two.

Parcel Properties: Restaurant, sociable, 2 toilets, no beds

Sims 4 Addon needed: Dine Out

Pizzeria Venecia Download at the Sims 4 Gallery

► Sims 4 plot: Restaurant Gourmet Factory / Gourmet Mill

In this old factory, a star chef has set up a hip and chic gourmet restaurant. The factory-style has been partially retained and complemented by a modern interior. You can dine, sit and socialize on two floors. Seeing and being seen is the motto here because an evening in the gourmet factory is always something special. The chef offers normal as well as experimental dishes.

Plot Properties: Restaurant, sociable, great acoustics, 4 toilets, no beds
Sims 4 Addon required: Dine Out

Sims 4 Plot: Restaurant Gourmet Mill at the Sims 4 Gallery

► Sims 4 House Download: Animal Clinic Birkenhof

The Birkenhof Animal Clinic offers all small and large pets the appropriate treatment for illnesses and accidents. The owner Sims can quickly forget their worries about their favorite pet when the veterinarians of the Birkenhof team take loving care of their little companions. The clinic is housed in a former farm and also provides a home for the veterinarians.

Plot Properties: Animal clinic, 2 beds, 5 toilets, can be used as a residential house

needs sims 4 AddOn Cats & Dogs, Holiday Celebration Pack

Sims 4 House Download by Shendragor | Games Blog

Sims 4 Houses Download Animal Clinic Birkenhof by Shendragor

► Sims 4 houses: sports club SimSim

This fitness center offers plenty of fresh air for sporting activities. You can meet at the gymnasium and do sports together. The offer is rounded off by a pleasant ambiance, comfortable showers and a sports bar with healthy fruit drinks.

Fitness gymnastics club SimSim at the Sims 4 Gallery

► Sims 4 plot: Museum Drachenburg

This medieval castle now houses a museum. Here the Sims can meet and admire many pictures and other exhibits. It also offers a wonderful atmosphere to paint your own pictures, and at night you can get inspiration by watching the stars in the observatory. In the main hall, there is a place for spontaneous concert performances. The museum offers fresh air, natural light and good acoustics for many leisure activities.

Land Properties: Museum, Fresh air, Great acoustics, Natural light, 4 Toilets, no beds

Sims 4 Plot Download: Shendragor´s Museum Drachenburg

► Sims 4 Plot: Gothic Nightclub Mothlight

In the Gothic nightclub Mothlight, the Sims meet to dance and celebrate. On the dance floor, the party raves with loud music and at the bar one can get to know each other and toast.

Attributes: Nightclub, social, 4 Toilets, no Beds, needs Sims 4 Addon Dine Out

Sims 4 Plot Download: Gothic Nightclub Mothlight

► Sims 4 Bedroom Dreaming Gardener

A bedroom for plant lovers and fairies. Natural building materials and a cozy atmosphere make for sweet dreams.

Room Attributes: Bedroom

Sims 4 House Download by Shendragor | Games Blog

Download Shendragor Sims 4 Bedroom Dreaming Gardener

► Sims 4 Plots: Waldcafe

This small lounge offers a private setting for cozy and romantic sitting and dining. Between the trees there are two pavilions with tables and a grand piano offers the opportunity for a loving serenade. After the meal you can then get closer at the bar.

Plot Attributes: Lounge, sociably, fresh air, homelike, 2 Toilets, no Beds, needs Holiday Celebration Pack

Sims 4 Plots Download Lounge Waldcafe at the Sims 4 Gallery

► Sims 4 Plot Download: Bar Biergarten

Have a nice drink together in the beer garden, meet and socialize. In the shade under the trees, one sits in a friendly atmosphere and can enjoy its cold drinks on warm days. Since the owner is very pet-friendly, you can bring your pets and train on the pet Parkour in the garden and play.

Plot Attributes: Bar, sociably, dog-friendly, cat-friendly, 1 Toilet, no Bed, needs AddOns Sims 4 – Cats & Dogs, Holiday Celebration Pack

Sims 4 Plot Download: Bar Biergarten

► Sims 4 Plot Download: Pleasure Garden Pool

The romantic swimming pool with a garden pavilion on an island in the pool offers beautiful greenery with trees and flowers. Benches between the flowers invite to sit, chat and relax.

Plot Attributes: Pool, sociably, fresh air, natural light, 4 Toilets, no beds

Sims 4 Plot Download: Pleasure Garden Pool Sims 4 Gallery

all Downloads by Shendragor at the Sims 4 Gallerie

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